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Oct 24, 2014
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Manami TMK

Date of Encounter:
Many dates over the last seven years

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Appointment Length & Costs:
Many appointments from one hour to multiple days

Tokyo, Hong Kong

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Details of the Encounter:
Disclaimer: This extremely over due review may be a bit biased as I've been meeting Manami Chan more or less regularly for a pretty long period of time. I will still try to make it constructive and help the readers decide if dating her is the kind of experiences they are looking for.

I still vividly remember the first time I met Manami, seven years ago. I was enjoying partying (too much) in Tokyo, wasting my health and money in Roppongi bars and clubs. One Saturday morning in July (when family is abroad), I woke up around noon seriously hang over, feeling extremely bored (and horny), and realizing I had nothing to do until 8 pm. My usual pattern around lunch time was either to text some numbers picked up the previous few days while clubbing, calling massage services (where I used to have fs with most of the girls there), asking my married Japanese mistres s if she has some free time or alternatively calling an escort agency. Basically I was a typical sex addict who was not enjoying sex that much anymore but could not feel alive without having sex at least once a day. Start browsing internet for a couple of hours, I figured out about this independent Japanese escort who had some super good reviews. To be honest, I was not that excited, more like let's give it a try.

Four hours later, I was in a Shibuya love hotel lobby facing a discrete Japanese girl who looked absolutely "normal"... I mean you would never think one second she could be an escort. After a short introduction, we took the elevator together. As soon as the door of the elevator were closed, Manami Chan had her delicate hand touching my crotch and kissing me like a lover I haven't seen for ages. An incredible ice breaker...
By the time we arrived to the room, I was feeling both extremely comfortable and aroused.

Now come the point where I don't want to be too descriptive and to spoil your potential experience. I would say Manami knows about men. She has an amazing empathy with the male gender. She knows perfectly men anatomy, how to put her hands, legs, mouth, tongue, how to play with your visual experience. She knows about sex and is eager to perfect her art, to make you feel good.
I really like @Wwanderer analogy with super hero. Her outside look is some kind of secret identity hiding her super natural sexual skills.

I already mentioned by the past her great shower play, many mention the oral part, the condom trick... Let's stop here.

One point to add, Manami Chan is too humble and is not advertising herself as well as many others younger escorts. First I love her body shapes. She's taking very good care of them. She has one of the most amazing ass I know for an Asian girl. Very sexy. Same could be say about her generous bosom.

Since this amazing unexpected first experience that raised my expectations from p4p, I had many opportunities to enjoy with her both bed time and chat time.

Her English is better than mine, then I would simply not make any judgment there. But much more than that, she is curious, kind and open minded. You can spend a whole night discussing about Japan, the sex industry, cultural differences, different cuisines, etc.. In other words, she is a great conservationist.

Final Thoughts:
Recommended, Will Repeat.

Closing Comments:
If you're looking for a AKB48 experience, you may be disappointed. If you really more into having a great sexual experience and meeting a lady who could know more about sex than you do and would provide you the Japanese service experience, don't look further.
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Nice review. That first part is very dark. Thank you for sharing such a personal story about sex addiction with us.
Manami is certainly a beautiful woman who has nice curves and takes good care of her body.
Thank you Alice.

May be I was a bit too personal/dark there. The goal was to share with you that meeting Manami brought back a new perspective on my sexual desires and what I could expect from p4p.
Regarding my past addiction, I'm definitely not a monk but things changed a lot since.
Thank you @hkAlone
I also remember our first and last and many more each date in between vividly. Can't believe it has been 7 years; you have too good memory sometimes!

You posted somewhere that you would not post a review of me and the reason why. I totally understand and respect your decision. I am just curious what made you change your mind?:rolleyes:

Looking forward to many more dates with you to come.
If you're looking for a AKB48 experience, you may be disappointed.

You will be hugely disappointed.
Can always go to JK style instead;)
Only gentlemen who would like to explore your sexual passion with a mature Asian woman that understands her sexuality and knows the meaning of quality time, please.
Life has a lot of things to offer!
Did you just say there are AKB girls at Jk style? :D

I never found a liking for their music, but they might have other qualities :p

Before some random Google search turns up this thread with the association of AKB 48 and JK Style....

The answer is no.
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