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Discussion in 'Escort Service Reviews' started by mawjav, Jun 30, 2011.

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    I tried Aki of AM recently. She arrived on time, friendly smile, pretty face, not super-cute but attractive enough. We chatted on our way to the love hotel. Her spoken English is reasonable, good listening too.

    Once at the hotel we showered. She has a quite trim figure, no race-queen stomach, but good curves. Her breasts are full and firm, with very prominent nipples. She has a few spots on her upper back and shoulders, but nothing off-putting. She is natural below, very bushy, so if you're into shaven girls then she isn't for you.

    Service was reasonably good throughout. She began quite passively, with no shower action other than washing and FK. So I took the lead in bed and got her good and wet. Then she came alive, giving me an excellent BBBJ. I finished on her breasts. She wasn't into CIM. Aki was wet throughout, but she was difficult to bring to orgasm. So I mounted and rode her missionary before flipping her for DS. She made all the right noises to bring me off a second time on her plump bottom, and that was that.

    Attitude: 7/10: friendly and chatty. Service: 7/10: no CIM or shower action, but she was willing and able with everything else. Face: 7/10: average by Japanese standards. Breasts: 9/10: the highlight(s), delicious and sensitive. Skin: 6/10: quite a few spots. DATY: 6/10: Difficult to do my work with all that undergrowth, so she needs a shave or wax, but juicy and tight. Overall: 7/10. Not bad, but nothing special. I won't repeat.
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    Mawjav, welcome to TAG.

    Thanks for your updated review on Aki. It is very much appreciated!
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    I think out of all the AM girls I have tried, Aki is the best overall. She does have a bush, but nothing out of the oridnary for J-chics that do not shave. Just her BBBJ is worth the ¥.

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