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Akihabara / Ueno Area おっぱい (boobs) Bar/Shops

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Aug 23, 2009
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At the request of another member, I did some quick research about Boob Bars and/or shops in the general Akihabara / Ueno areas.

Here is what I have found that's available:

List of Oppai 「おっぱい」 shops providing a 'outcall' type of boob service: (Mainly Ueno [上野], Asakusa [浅草], Yushima [湯島] and Okachimachi [御徒町] areas)

There's nothing available that specifically says 'foreigners OK' and you will need Japanese ability to get these services.

I'm still looking for actual 'oppai' play bars similar to lingerie bars. Some of the lingerie bars have boob playtime, for an additional fee.


More to follow as I can find better information.
opai bar sounds interesting.
do they offer any other service? such as bbj or hj?