AM/Independent vs. Hipness ??


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Nov 9, 2011
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Apologies for jumping in with my first post asking for advice but I suppose... why not? I presume I will have at least one review to post in the next couple of weeks to do my part.

I'm wondering if the difference in price between some of the independents/Asian Mystique vs. Hipness adds up to a difference in the experience?

After quite a few years in Tokyo I have been living out in the countryside for a couple of years. Trip down to Tokyo near the end of the month and looking to indulge myself a bit. Manami (Melty), Yuko (AM) and either Rizeru or Risa from Hipness are under consideration. Have been in Japan for a while and probably will be for a long time on. My girlfriends for the last 15 years have been Japanese, my next girlfriend will presumably be Japanese, so for that reason I'm kind of tempted to go with a Thai or Philipino companion (ie. Hipness) just for, I don't know, a change.

That being said... strange consumer psychology as such, tells me that something for half the price can't be as "good" somehow. I probably haven't been around as much as some on this board but in my limited experience in this field, well, some hookups are good, some are just alright, and some would be better spent throwing the money out the window and sitting back alone and having a good wank. So even though I would kind of prefer a non-Japanese girl, I'm a bit thrown off because.. my preference would end up being cheaper?? I know, it makes no sense :)

Ha ha, personally I'm hoping for "good" or "great", and I'm wondering if any of you with experience with the above mentioned girls or services have any thoughts on the matter?
I feel the same way about the pricing. It seems irrational, but I still feel that way. Sort of like Goldilocks -- NastyDolls is too high, hipness is too low, and AM is just right.

You have to go with your gut, I guess. I have some independent experience, and some AM experience. I've had good and bad independent experiences, but with AM, the experiences are generally good. And Dave stands behind his service.

As for hipness, do they really make you sign a form? Their English page says that if you don't sign, you don't get the goodies. I have to say that this is off-putting, and not something I'd go along with. Ever.
Here's a short break down for you:

The Japanese girls know they can make more money buy working for an agency that services non-Japanese people. If they work for the Japanese agencies, they make much less and usually work much harder.

OTOH: Japanese agencies generally won't hire non-Japanese girls. Those girls must work for either illegal agencies or other non-mainstream services. (Paid less, cheaper to the clients)

Hipness appears to be gaining a good reputation. So, it's worth a shot.

Nasty Dolls & Club Boo - higher prices, no real difference in service compared to AM, TMK etc. Although, Club Boo's services require a tip or payment for their "premium" girls.

That whole thing about signing a form for Hipness... that is indeed odd, but if they're not collecting personal information, then I suppose there is no harm. (people use fake names/aliases anyhow, so I'm not sure how they would enforce this.)

I think you will always find that Chinese, Korean, Thai and basically any other Asian will be cheaper than Japanese. It really depends on what you are looking for and what price point you're willing to accept for certain level of service.