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Anyone knows BadTokyoGal or Yu-chan


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Nov 7, 2011
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In mails she gives BadTokyoGal or Yu-chan as nicknames.
I found this woman by replying to a classified post.
She lives somewhere in Chiba and pretends to be a mom who needs some financial injections.
She looks nice and I'm gonna meet her soon.

Anyone knows, has tried her?
Any feedback?
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Nice pictures (unless they are not hers that is) never heard about here before. Were you trying one of the Japanese or English ads?
If you do decide to follow through on her let us know if it was real, would much appreciate the name of the publication you are trying to get the contacts but if you are not comfortable that's ok.

Wish you luck! Truly looks like a good hook up.
Any updates?

If you search for badtokyogal on google you can find her pretty easily.

Seems she has a profile on google+ under the name Yuka Yum.

Sent her a message and she asked for a picture of me and explicitly mentioned sex. She said 30,000 for 3 hours. Ehh, I honestly feels a little sketch to me.
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That does sound odd as the yuka yum profile in adultism is in the voice of her bf not her asking for couples and single males to have a go at her. And the fact that she emailed and called out sex is odd unless its him writing it and not knowing the laws.
The emails she has sent also appear to be automated and with a high level of English. Something certainly feels weird...
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T be honest after reading her google+ profile I would stay away as she seemed a bit mental. I mean who writes this on their google + profile

I'm a normal lady, soon to be 40, with a wast desire to try new things inside and out of the bed. I'm tall feminine built with big hips and small waist. My breasts are small but nipples hard when aroused. My last boyfriend shaved me clean and pumped me hard most of the time, which wasn't that enjoyable. I recently met a new guy from Germany, number six in my life, who I can trust enough to explore anything that sex has to offer. During our first date I let him even inside my ass, thanks to my ex who introduced me to this practice. So you see, I can be a bad girl too. Hoping to have lots of kinky fun with him. I love to be satisfied orally over penetration. Maybe there's a straight gentleman or couple who'd like to join us some time? Sometimes I'm off weekdays and can meet anywhere between Chiba and Tokyo or after finishing work at 3 pm in Odaiba.

Sounds like a nutter to me
Yeah. I think her explicit statements and her directly asking for a picture demonstrate a lack professionalism and privacy.

I hope yeni is ok and didn't get arrested/killed/organs stolen as a result of taking one for the team.
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