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Apr 24, 2010
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In my last visit to Japan, I tried the service of Ai. I had made the appointment earlier and on reaching my hotel confirmed the appointment. I called and confirmed the appointment for 9PM at my hotel. Ai showed up in right problem in getting to my hotel...very easy...and close to the metro station. I got a knock at the door and when I opened.....I liked the looks....she is very young...the hair is slightly longer than her picture and she looks much slimmer than her picture :).....we exchanged a few words and then hit the shower together....some playing in the shower and then we ended up in the bed.....nice start with some foreplay and kissing...she has a very soft body...small breasts...not a lot to talk about......she gave a good oral...and then I returned the favor...she got into the act as I got her warmed up.....then couple of positions including missionary.....reverse cowboy and doggy style.....initially I was told that she is okay with cof.....but when I asked she said i did not push and ended on her belly :)...we then took a shower.....and took a break...some chit chatting...she is a nice girl..and if she is comfortable with you...she opens up...after about 15-20 minutes...I again requested her for some more eral...which she obliged...then she took some real pounding doggy style....

after a second break...we went for the third time....but this time..could not cum....overall a very good experience......i will definitely recommend her....she is not scriptured and goes with the flow....

I hope this was helpful to others in the forum....thanks to all who recommended time I plan to try Natsu...
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Thanks so much for your review on Ai, I'm sure other will greatly appreciate it.

In your last post here, you were going to meet up with Manami as well? If you did, how did that go? (Sorry if you just hadn't posted it yet... I was just curious!)
great post!
thank u kevin for your info. on Ai.

I like it very much!
In the past, I met with Ai three times and I was very happy with her service. She doesn't have the zest that some other girls have but with a little 'poking' she eventually gets going and prodces a good time for the money spent.

As the OP says, I think it does depend on how she 'clicks' with your personality.
Great review Kevin.

I'll echo Kevin's post since I haven't had time to write my own reviews. Ai has good potential to be great, I'm looking forward to having her again on my next jaunt through Japan.

I've been traveling extensively over the last two months, which is finally wrapping up.

Yes, I'll catch up on my posts here - I really will. Sorry for being so lazy about it.
Hi, i tried Ai's service last weekend. I was happy with her service. she has pretty good english skills; she is friendly and you can talk with her about many things, and in the sex is pretty good.
For me its not a perfect body, i prefer others, but is ok. I would recommended you to try.
Agreed. Ai has gained a few pounds over the years with AM. But she's also gained a few skills!
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It depends on if the hotel is 'girl friendly'. Many of the big chains are. I'd email Asian Mystique to ask if it's okay to send a girl there. Keep in mind that you will have to give AM your real, full name that you checked in under for them to visit you there.