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AM Asian Mystique - Mako


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Jan 2, 2010
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Ok, now I have something to compare to, so this review might be more useful than my previous one.

First impression was extremely good. When I saw her, although she looks a bit like the pictures, I told myself: there no way this is her...
Well actually it was.

So IMO she's more cute in real than on the pictures, and I liked her clothes too (casual yet sexy). Her body is a bit skinny (you can see that on the pictures), she has big (fake) breasts, her play area is trimmed (I saw somebody say that in another review, I like the expression)

The site says a date with her is a "girlfriend experience" and I think it describes it pretty well. At first it felt to me that she was trying to "postpone" the event as much as possible. Turns out she wanted to take things slowly, which might or might not be what you are looking for.

We also took a bath and chatted a bit (in Japanese), which, strangely, was extremely enjoyable.

Looking at her cute face and smile, I kept thinking: it's like I went to a night club and got THE girl every other guy wanted. (More expensive but less hassle...)

I can compare her to my experience with Ranko: less sex, but for some reason a more enjoyable experience.

I had a great time, and her actual boyfriend is a lucky bastard :D

Thanks for the added review!

I've met Mako before and I do like her personality. She's a bit thin for my taste, but I love the breasts... even if fake!
mako is an angel :) she feels to very light hearted and fun to be with. thanks for that update on mako.
Thanks for that update on Mako. I have seen Mako in the past, does not sound like much has changed. She is on the thin side but her service and attitude make up for that. I would like to see some new faces peronally...
NQNS? :confused:
TER? :confused:

TER = The Erotic Review, a paid review site.

NQNS = No Quit, No Spit (Blowjob)

The 2nd term can be varied, but... the general idea is correct.

And, no idea if the statement is true. Will have to look around to see if anyone else has mentioned it.