AM Asian Mystique - Yumika 1/2014


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Jan 22, 2014
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First post here after lurking a lot, figure I should provide some update to Yumika even if the question is half a year old.

Saw her for an hour a few days before New Years Eve last month.

She told me she gained 3 to 4 kilograms from the time she took the pictures on the site, I could believe it because she was a bit chubby, but not to the point where I would say she was "tubby" or "fat" because other than her stomach her legs and arms weren't "fat". Her hair was straight and black, not that jeri curl look that the OP described from three years ago; she had those fake eyelashes and heavy eye liner like the typical Japanese club girl. I'd give her a 6/10 for her looks, body-wise maybe a 6 as well as I was not feeling it for some reason. I don't generally care about the size of the woman, but I think her tits were too small for my liking.

She is a great conversationalist, but since I can speak Japanese fairly well, most of our conversation was done in Japanese. She had a teasing side to her and she would tease me about my Japanese pronunciation and how innocent I seemed; something I'm not sure she can do in English but I do like being prodded as I can prod back.

No smell during DATY, and I would say a so-so BBBJ as I prefer it when a girl takes it in her mouth rather than licking around it. She fucks good though, and with enthusiasm in all the positions except DS perhaps, and after finishing we laid on the bed talking about sports (she's a baseball fan) and various other topics before she took a shower and left. Overall, sex would be a 8/10 or so as she thoroughly was engaged and seemed to enjoy it, locking our hips together with her legs for a long time during mish and soaking the bed (the bed I had to sleep in that night).

Probably would not repeat, simply because I'd like to try someone new from AM, but she is definitely still going strong.
Thanks for the review. I moved this to a new thread per policy. Some of Yumika's older pictures looked super-nice, but I much prefer skinnier women. Glad you had a good time.