Best Value For 20,000 Yen & Under


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Apr 29, 2014
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I'm quite curious to see if we can have a thread on what you believe would be all inclusive best value for 20,000 yen or under.
I was going to ask for 10,000 but that would limit this.
I only started this because Dio/Emotions seems like a great deal but the women I had unfortunately I wouldn't take home for free let alone feel good about paying for it.

Venue: New Hot Point
Price: 6,000 yen
Perks: fast CBJ but all the workers are visually stunning.

Venue: Pretty Getter (Shibuya or Ikebukuro)
Price: 6,000 (maybe 40 minutes)
Perks: Oppai pub, all pretty young ladies, all you can drink beer for you & the lady. They even rotate between 2 ladies.


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Jul 30, 2012
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Venue: Happy Berry (
Price: Platinum membership fee (after like 10 visit) 12,000 yen for 55 minutes, 2000-4000 yen for selection fee (2000 for regular, 2000 for gold and 4000 for platinum), 1500 for hotel
Perks: Hot girls, great service, openly advertises they take foreign customers
Low points: Not all girls take Gaijin

Venue: Pururungang (
Price: (without counting 5000 yen options i like to pay for swallowing and facials) 13,000 yen for 50 minutes, 2,000 yen selection fee (sometimes depending on your card, you don't have to pay), 2,000-3,000 for hotel within 2-3 hours. Also, if you say you saw their homepage, they waiver the registration fee (or in my case, I showed visual proof with my iphone).
Perks: Nice cute young girls with big tits
Low points: They don't 100% take gaijin. Even if you get in like me, not all girls take gaijin. I have heard stories some gaijin get rejected, but you do need advanced Japanese to get in.


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Jul 17, 2012
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Venue: Hipness DH (
Price: 40 min for ¥7000, 80 min for ¥13000 + ¥3000 for a love hotel.
Perks: Cheap full service, a few nice looking girls, VERY foreigner friendly.
Low points: Not a ton of eye candy, none of the girls are Japanese (if that's important), Uguisudani is inconvenient for most.