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Can girls at or Paters website can be asked to stay overnight? If can how much is the cost?


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Jul 11, 2022
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I know the cost of sugar dating apps is 1 meet for tea = 10,000 yen.
The cost for sex usually ranging at 30,000 - 50,000 yen depending on girls.

But what is the cost to stay overnight?
Anyone have tried to do this? How much do you paid to make them stay overnight with you?

Entirely depends on her? Can imagine it costing anywhere from zero to your agreed hourly rate x hours together. Think about what you’re willing to pay. Discuss with her, and see.
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If you want to sleep peacefully, the cost of spending the whole night with a SB is a few previous dates plus treating the girl as if she were your girlfriend.
If she agrees to stay overnight the first date it's because: a) either you're very hot, b) or she's a camouflaged professional, c) or she's going to fleece you as soon as you fall asleep.
If a) is not an option, better if you call one of the indies in TAG and she will give you a joyful and safer experience.
BTW. You keep wondering how much? If you have a good long relationship it is the same cost as a date. If you want to please her, give her double or triple the compensation of a regular date.
In a good hotel there is a thing called a safe box !
You know with a code, that you are the only on to know..,,
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True! So the extra cost here is paying for a room with a safe box in a good hotel that accepts SB visits, or for a double room with a safe box in a good hotel that accepts one guest without registering her at check-in. Although I would still not sleep peacefully… She could take my clothes.:ROFLMAO:
Yeah, depends on the girl of course, but it is definitely possible to arrange an overnight stay. Probably not right off the bat, but if you have met a few times and it's someone you trust (to a degree), it's possible and definitely enjoyable.
I did that once with an SB I met on and for an overnight she asked for 2x our usual per-meet arrangement.
I’ve done it with many different girls without paying extra. You just need a girl that’s chill, has no obligations, and is at least slightly into you. I’ve had hot college girls spend the night on the first date. But I had to meet and sort through tons of girls to find the good ones.

Also I usually take them to my house. I may be an idiot, but I haven’t been robbed yet. I’d like to think I’m decent at reading people.
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I’ve done it before. The girl came all the way from Kyoto, and she stayed the weekend with me for an agreed upon price. It was considerably cheaper than the usual escort price. So yeah, if you ask the right ones, you can do it.