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Canadian Masseuse - Visiting Tokyo

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Sep 11, 2009
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Two well respected Canadian Masseuse(s) will be visiting Tokyo starting from April 3, 2010. They will be providing therapeutic and tantric massage sessions.

Members of this forum may contact them via private message through their verified account "StellaGrey" or you may contact them via email at: stellagrey @ (remove the spaces).

They will be staying in the Central Tokyo Station area and should be easily accessible to those seeking their services.

This thread will be updated with further details after they arrives in Tokyo.
Hi Everyone...

I had been communicating extensively with this young lady prior to her arrival in Tokyo. After she arrives, we'll get some more information posted about her. TokyoSpirit neglected to mention her age, she's 23 years old and very energetic.

She's looking to meet people interested in her services whether you are Japanese or a foreigner to Japan. She speaks English natively and I know that she had been looking at Japanese prior to her visit. More information will follow later today or tomorrow.

I'd be interested in knowing more as well, please update us.

Since I'm in Tokyo, I may try her out. Does she have any other reviews posted elsewhere?
Yes, I will update this thread as soon as I can. She has not contacted me yet, however, I do believe she has landed in Tokyo though.
Oh? She's going to here today? I thought you said 4/3?

She arrives today, 4/2.

She'll start taking clients on 4/3. (Unless she tells me otherwise tonight.) I think she's getting a japanese cell phone to use as well.

Updates to follow later. ;)
Just in case, it would be good to know how long she is going to stay here and encourage people to post their reviews here after meeting her.

Also, incall or outcall?

This is actually TWO girls. Stella & Jane, they work as a team but I'm not sure of how they setup their service packages. I'm hoping to get some additional details from her tomorrow (Saturday) so I can post more accurate information here. They have gotten a Japanese cell phone and I have spoken to them on the phone. I guess we'll meet soon after all of the communication we've done over the internet prior to their arrival.

She is accepting appointments via email and this forum for the time being.

Thanks Eliah for the edit. I've got a lunch meeting with them tomorrow; so I should have the details worked out by tomorrow afternoon. I've really enjoyed the brief conversations we've had on the telephone, so meeting them in person should be a nice experience as well, probably better than the telephone interaction.

I guess we'll just create a new thread with the specifics after tomorrow.
Update: April 4, 2010

We are in the process of building a profile for these ladies, but I'd like to share with you the basic service information and costs:

The Tokyo Adult Guide is proud to sponsor: Stella & Jane, from Canada!

1) Basic Plan: 1 Girl, 20,000 YEN/60 Minutes
2) Extended Plan: 1 Girl 28,000 YEN/90 Minutes
3) Deluxe Plan: 2 Girls 40,00 YEN/60 Minutes
4) Extended Deluxe: 2 Girls 48,000 YEN/90 Minutes

Contact Information:

1) TAG Users may send a Private Message to this user: StellaGrey
2) Send an email to: stellagrey @ (remove the spaces)
3) Telephone: 090-9313-0988 [Please be considerate of late night phone calls, stella takes the calls.]

This is a description of their services:

Stella & Jane said:

I invite you to partake in an experience that I believe is unique here in Tokyo. I pride myself on my ability to forge intimate, real connections through my sensual body rub service. I am compassionate and tactile - you will immediately sense the authenticity of my character and the willingness of my hands and body to please and relax your body and mind.

While I am primarily self taught and intuitive, I have taken classes in massage therapy. I have been told many a time that I have a natural sense of touch. Establishing sensual body contact is a focus throughout the experience. I creatively dance my body along your body, relaxing while simultaneously arousing your senses to new heights. I provide a service that is never rushed or mechanical. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and this is reflected throughout the experience. I am open minded and invite you talk to me about your fantasies.

I love to tease and tantalize, building up the experience towards an electrifying conclusion. I pride myself on my intuitive sense of when, where, and how to touch. I am very strong willed concerning my boundaries. I believe the experience is much more pleasurable when both parties involved feel safe and comfortable.

I am new to the industry and thus still very excited by the prospect of meeting a new person and forging an intimate albeit brief connection. Physically, I am very natural, wearing little to no makeup, I have a naturally pretty face with dark Eastern European features and a beautiful, sincere smile. I am in great physical shape with curves in all the right places.

I invite you to join me to experience my blisffully sensual massage.

Absolutely, No FS is provided.

Pictures will be posted on the final listing, please wait a little longer for those. If you do elect to make an appointment, please be sure to post your review here at the Tokyo Adult Guide.

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Update to post #12 above:

-Added their contact information.
-Pictures are comiung and will be posted soon.

Thanks for posting the information Kevin. I'm considering them, if I can arrange my schedule to do so. :(
so, what? no happy ending or what? and i wait for pictures to come. price is not bad but that depends on how the session ends. pictures and more info plz.
so, what? no happy ending or what? and i wait for pictures to come. price is not bad but that depends on how the session ends. pictures and more info plz.

More or less... They can tell you what they will and won't do, but FS is not on the menu, so do not ask them. Pictures are coming, I'm just waiting on Jane's pictures to arrive. Based on what I've heard and read, their service is very erotic and sensual and at the end, you'll be satisfied fully.


I encourage you to check out our reviews in NYC.
Please look at the Erotic Review and search for Stella/Jane under massage.

We look forward to seeing you together or separately.
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