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Casablanca In Shinjuku


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Jan 18, 2013
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I've seen a lot of shenanigans and scams by clubs in Tokyo, but these dudes are close to taking the cake.

They employee a staff of females and recruit women to pretend to be customers to scam guys into buying drinks and champagne. It's like robbery.

Girls will hug, kiss, and grind guys. The girl or staff will then ask the dudes to buy 300 dollar (30,000 yen bottles) of champagne. And they will lie and say they are single, have no boyfriend, or anything to get guys to buy champagne. Girls will stroke a guy's penis until they pull out their credit card. To help the scam along, they will try to get the guy drunk or other females will wait until they see a guy is drunk.

Edited- Place has changed and stop running this scam, however will update whenever I happen to go there again.
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Is it good champagne? :D


I didn't drink it, but saw the bottle. It was Moet.

And they were scamming hard. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

There were 8 women in the place. 2 were Chinese lesbians that were tongueing, kissing, and feeling each other up for 1 hour. Iike damn, not sure if it was part of the scam (to make the club seem good) or they were truly unusually public and horny lesbians.

The 6 other women ALL were working for the bar manager. And the female staff and manager were pushing customers hard to buy the girls drinks or champagne. The girls wouldn't even hardly drink, take a sip, then leave it on the table. And the staff, as soon as they thought nobody was watching, would snatch the nearly full drink away. They even snatched my half-full drink while I was playing a game of darts with friends.

If they saw a guy not buying drinks for the girl, they would physically man-handle her and move her to another customer. 0,0

They popped 2 Japanese guys for 2 bottles of champagne over 2 of these disguised/sneaky bar girls. The Japanese guys thought they were going to get the girls and tried to leave with them, then the club staff snatched the girls and they left alone. Ouch! They spent 60,000 (600 dollars) combined and for nothing).

After they left, staff put them on some more guys. Sick!
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Update- appears the club has stopped this scam for now and running legit. Usually a decent size crowd on late Friday and Saturday.

Has a VIP section upstairs, so can be comfortable for couples.
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Very oddly, but will have to upgrade the rating of this place to a 4 out of 5.

Have been with dates here several times. Has turned into a fun dance and clubbing spot in Shinjuku.

Has stopped scams and facilitates a party atmosphere the equal of fun clubs in Shibuya and Roppongi.
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