Cheap Massage, Weird Fetishes - What Does Japan Have To Offer?


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Sep 24, 2013
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I'm going to attempt to hide my embarrassment by speaking as openly as possible, I'm also going to give an in-depth of my wants and ability - so please bare with me. Growing up in a very puritan town this is the first time that I've seriously considered exploring the depths (or heights?) of the trade.

So I'm going to Japan for about a month. I plan to see Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Fujiyoshida, Yokohama and maybe a few other small places near Tokyo or toward Fukishima. But I haven't really got anything other than Tokyo set in stone. I have a 14 day JR pass.

I'm pretty useless with money (perhaps just planning) so I could be surprised when I get there by having either more or less money than I thought I would need. I'm working with the latter, just so that I can be prepared in case that happens.

Since planning more and more about what I want to see and do, I've started looking seriously into adult entertainment. I'm a white, male in my early twenties with a pretty meager grasp on the Japanese language (I know the kana, I know basic sentence structuring and grammar; but I don't know many words, so I can't really say anything).

Safety is my number one concern. Whether it's protection from STI's or protection from people that will ply me with drinks and take my credit card, that will always come first. So please keep that in mind.

So I have one easy question and one harder one, please help me out:

  1. If I wanted to get a quick and dirty, cheap massage with a happy ending where would I go? Actually, it doesn't even need a massage. A happy ending without a beginning is all I need. Do you think I could get away with paying under 8k?
  2. I hear a lot about Japan indulging in wild fetishes, but I can't find any real information on where or how that can happen. For example; if I wanted to pay to watch a do specific 'fetish' things - does anywhere offer that? I don't even need to be involved, I can be watching behind glass like in Western 'peep shows' - it doesn't bother me. Hell; I'd pay a girl to just lay there naked and let me masturbate onto her. I'm not really an elitist when it comes to this. I'm down for pretty much anything if it's safe.

I know I'm asking a few things here and I couldn't expect any of you to cover it all. But where can I find information on this kind of thing? Even if one of the things mentioned you've heard of before and can point me in the right direction, please do.

Thanks a lot.
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Look @ the Raku Gotanda & Asian Relax/Feeling threads and their websites.
You aren't going to be able to get into a lot of places without very good Japanese, so you are pretty much stuck with the foreign-friendly ones. Asian Relax/Feeling is the main place I'd recommend for happy endings. There's no place you can really do anything kinky, I don't think. Asian Mystique is a full-service operation, but their girls are pretty 'girl next door'. You could always email Asian Mystique and ask them if you have a specific fetish in mind.
This might be what Danation is looking for. I came across this place while browsing around today: Looks extremely gaijin friendly.
Website looks remarkably similar to the Japan Erotic Escort Massage Club. I presume both places are under the same management.
Definitely related to the Tokyo Erotic Escort Massage Club.

Besides the obvious website similarities I recall them discussing this new operation on their site quite a while back.

Given that the Massage operation was foreigner friendly and there is an English site I assume it is foreigner friendly too.

The Massage Club was pretty much 'no touching' so I guess this has some limitations too.

This might be what Danation is looking for. I came across this place while browsing around today: Looks extremely gaijin friendly.

Since the website is in English, that is obvious. However, the OP said he is on a budget, and the prices on your website are whopping.

NB: What is all this about "male squirting"? I thought we squirt by design, or is there yet another thing I have been ignorant about up to this ripe age?
If it's what I think it is, then it's when the girl rubs the head (the part which is equivalent to a girl's clitoris) during climax, and keeps rubbing (when you are still the most sensitive), sometimes you experience an orgasmic sensation and you release what technically I think is pee...?
Experienced it once at a massage place.