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Cho10Dake - Kyouko


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Sep 21, 2010
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My thanks for the knowledge provided by this site. In return, here's my review.

Site is English friendly, even states that their operator speaks English. Gallery shows that girls' pictures are taken in same room, which is usually a good sign that they are authentic (see, knowledge gained!). Contacted them via phone, the operator was friendly, but his English was broken. Nonetheless, by speaking slowly and using some simple Nihongo, agreement was made. He offered 3 available girls and I selected by checking the site's gallery.

Kyouko arrived 20 minutes later than the agreed time (1am). Perhaps it was due to late notice, since this was a same day order. Or because it was late night. I didn't ask, wasn't a big deal to me. Order was for 60mins, price as shown on their site.

She arrived in plain clothes, her appearance matched her gallery pictures. Her English was not great, but definitely enough to carry on simple conversations. Her demeanor was very sweet and I felt it was genuine. Paid me compliments on my looks, and I on her skin and pleasantries. Her figure is that of a slim Japanese girl. Breasts probably a B? Cute face, probably doesn't weight more than 105. A shower began the session, just a brief wash down, and on to the bed.

The website leads you to believe that FS was not on the table, but I asked, and she said it was fine. Perhaps it was my dashing looks and gentle handling.. haha probably not. In any case, stated with covered BJ, on to her on top then me on top. I guess I was leading most of the time, she kept leaning in for kisses through out. I popped, and we rested with her on my arms, chatting about various things, such as her taste in music and interests.

I guess we went over time slightly as we were in midst of round 2, since her phone rang twice but she ignored it. Eventually the shop ranged my phone after we were done and I answered. The operated asked to speak to her. She spoke to them briefly, apologized to me, and said she had to clean up and leave.

Overall, it was a good experience. I liked the way she said goodbye, something along the lines of "I'll see you again, some day." Probably just the corny side of me, but things like that bring a smile to my face. Thanks for reading.
thanks for this great review man i originally bookmarked the website for future use when arriving in tokyo two weeks later but i need to ask you a couple of questions
did u pay extra money for the FS provided by the escort??
and where was your hotel and did u pay travel expenses also ????
thanx again for your review
no extra.
hotel was somewhat near rippongi. no extra for travel. the reason why the shop was calling was because there was a car waiting for her.
thanx for the info dude
the site states that for hotels near roppongi and shibuya there will be no travel expenses
but in my case i will be staying in ikebukuro so it seems that i will pay for that but it is fine for me
i will try to see what happens when i arrive in tokyo and i also i will provide i review
I'm just catching up on threads I've missed from being so busy.

Thanks to Katjo for your review on a new place we have not listed before. I'm glad to hear things went well and we hope that you'll return with another review sometime soon. We thank you for your time and effort! Sounds like you had a good time and she sounds sweet!
I'm happy to be able to contribute. Maybe if more users try them out, they can make the 'verified' list. Would love to return with another review, and it's certainly not the lack of desire to do so, but rather the distance.. and time.. Oh what I would pay just to add more hours to my day.
This site looks promising. I might give it a whirl on my next time through Tokyo. I'd love to hear more reports from others about this place!

I'm strangely fascinated by the new girl, Rin. I think it's because she's very reminiscent of my old Japanese teacher... which both tantalizes and terrifies me.

EDIT: Hey, what area did you stay at? I looked over the site and it seems to indicate that they only cover Roppongi and Shibuya. Unless they allow more areas with an additional "travel fee."

I definitely won't be staying in Roppongi...
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i was in roppongi area, or specifically, by the roppongi-itchome and kamiyacho stations. i think they would cover more areas given a fee..
Update. I emailed them if they allowed service in the Shinjuku area and got an appropriate Engrish response:

The girl is possible to visit in Shinjuku.

I replied and asked if there was any additional travel fee. Awaiting their reply.