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Club Boo: Jully


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Sep 15, 2009
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i promised a review so read it here...

this week i contacted asian mystique by email, they did not respond so i took an appointment with club boo, jully. i know phone is better but I cannot let workmates what I'm calling for. :p

the pictures are close to the actual girl, no complaint on that part. we met for going to love hotel and spent a 70 minute plan together for 30,000 yen. when she arrived, she was cute and seemed perky. we walked for the five minutes having small chit-chat, my japanese is so-so, she treated me very nicely.

at the hotel we took shower together and spent a little extra time in there, i like shower play while being all soapy. her breasts were ok, i don't recommend her for people that enjoy a more busty babe, but most J-Girls are small anyway... that should be no surprise to you regulars.

we played on the bed for awhile and enjoyed oral play with a bit of massage. (covered oral play, btw) - her attitude was ok, she did not make me think it was her job but i could tell that maybe she wanted to be doing other things. well, it was fine, no real complaint. i got two pops out of her for the 70 minutes with just basic play. the best part of this girl was being all soapy and wet with her rubbing all over my body.

during the time she was nice and polite, did not seem rushed and we walked back to the station together while having some basic chit-chat before departing our separate ways. I think she likes to be called "Julie" - i literally said "Jully" and she glared at me... haha

i hope this review is helpful to someone, next up will be AM... maybe sometime early October.
Thank you for your review.

Just want to clarify your post a little, you did not tip for extended service?