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Sep 21, 2010
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just wanted to ask, do the girls at club boo do FS? their site info seems to say they're not. i see a lot of reviews of AM and that is great. so i was thinking about trying CB or ND.

btw, great forums.
Basic rule of thumb:

AM, Manami, ND = FS included in the price you see.

Club Boo = You have to pay extra for FS on top of the price on the site.

Unless something has changed, that's the way it has been in the past.
Thank you, TKO. Appreciate the answer.
As an aside, i see there's kind of 2 tiers for escort services here. Is that accurate? The verified companies here are all close in their price, then a slew of "premium" sites that cost nearly double. However from reading the other threads, it sounds like they're all bait n switch. Anyone have experience with a "premium" site that delivers as promised?
The 'premium' sites with double the prices are usually the bait-n-switch. A lot of those sites are controlled by the same people. Half of those sites don't even work... the phone number generally works but the contact form and other parts are never updated and is usually a dead end.

The verified agencies here are the common, no bs types. You get what you see in the picture and the reviews are pretty common. If you look around the 'net - you'll hardly find reviews of those 'premium' sites and their girls.

As for personal experience, I don't have any. Search Google with the site name and see what you can turn up - I bet it won't be much outside of advertisements.

If you find something worth researching; let us know!