Darling Harbour - Tsukasa?

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    Date/Time: August 15th 2014, around 18h
    Provider: Tsukasa (つかさ) looking on the website afterwards, she was a new girl, but after a week now, she's already no longer on the list
    Contact Info: http://darling-h.com/
    Type/Location: Soap Land, Yoshiwara
    Language Specifics: We spoke mostly japanese, her english was just basic words.
    Session Length/Fee: 29.800yen for 70 minutes (like it says on the website)
    Physical Description: She's no longer on the website, but her profile said she was 28, but she looked end of her 30's, probably 40... not really what I was expecting here, I would've liked younger but she was the only option I was given. I didn't ask her age, which was maybe for the better. She was however slender, had short hair and of average length. Not shaven, B-cup.
    I had just come empty-handed from Cat's Eye in Yokohama and wanted to go to a place that would easily let me in and that would likely be good, so I went to Darling Harbour. When I approached the guy at the door and a look at him he let me in right away and was led into the waiting room. He quickly came back with only one picture. When they show only one picture I usually don't really look at it since there's no point. He asked if I wanted 70 minutes but tried getting me to go for 90 but I said 70.
    After a few minutes I was asked to come out and she stood on the stairs and took my hand and we went upstairs. When in the room I could have a good look at her and well, she looked near 40, not what I was expecting, but for some reason I didn't really care since her body looked quite okay actually.
    After some small talk, we undressed (no BBBJ as some others seem to do), she washed me and put me in the bath. When she joined in the bath, she did not do BBBJ and just played a bit with my dick. (while this was slightly disappointing, it was okay since I pop quickly the first time anyway). She got out and prepared the air mattress for the nuru nuru massage, and asked me lie on my stomach on the mattress. So finally I could experience the nuru nuru massage and must say it is quite an experience indeed. She went all over my body with her tits including the bottom of my feet. She then started to lick my back and then started to lick between my balls and scrotum. Now that was something I didn't expect, it felt weird & unfamiliar but it actually felt rather good. Asked me to turn around and lie on my back. She licked both my ears and over my face, but did not do any DFK even hardly a kiss (I tried), and slowly went all the way down. She took out a condom for a CBJ, but I was already quite aroused by the whole new nurunuru massage experience that I popped quite fast. That was the end of the air mattress though, washed again and went to the bed. After some small talk and this time informing the girl I was ready for action again (not the same mistake I made at Cat's Eye by letting her talk for too long), she put on a new condom and she started blowing me. When I got hard, she switched to cow girl (she needed some extra lotion to get it in though). She got it all in, but did cow girl only half way down. It felt good and after a while I popped, satisfied.
    Then we got a drink, some more small talk, got dressed and was led downstairs. They drove me back to the station in their car.


    Since she was rather old but had an okay body (not ideal, but acceptable for my taste), I'd say 5.5/10. She however did no DFK and no BBBJ, only CBJ and CFS. I'd rate the overall experience a 7.5/10 though, because I really wanted to experience the nurunuru massage which did not disappoint. While it did not disappoint I feel that it still could be better (compared to some of the other reviews).

    Would I do it again: at first, no, since the nurunuru massage was one of the things that I wanted to experience, I was actually satisfied (also due to better timing on my part compared to my previous time). But really would've liked younger, since I had expected a bit more from this soap land and was likely a bit unlucky I guess.
    lol, looking at the full girls list on the site, the oldest girls there are 26 (yoshiwara age), I must've been unlucky with this 'new' 28yo...
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    Thanks for the review! Sorry that you didn't have great service, but good intel is always helpful.
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    It always sucks when your options are so very limited only because we are not Japanese.
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    And Darling Harbor is being scratched off my To-Do-List now . . . . Done.
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