December 2010 Thread

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Sep 24, 2009
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December has come and I'm a day late!

The office has slowed down a little, the calm before the storm which will be coming very soon. End of the year stuff will be ramping up with one last big push to get a few projects out the door before the holiday break.

I've got some weekend plans to see some friends and travel down to Yokohama for china town. Next week, we have our year-end company party in Shinjuku which is surely to be filled with mischief.

Oooohh... and I have to make some time to send Christmas cards.

Can't believe this year is almost out, did not feel like I got much done this year.

Good morning from Nagoya!

I'm finishing up some business here and then catching a Nozomi Shinkansen back to Tokyo. I had wanted to stop off in Kyoto for a short visit if time allowed. It looks like I have to be back in time for a 4pm meeting though.

Nagoya was nice but it's no Tokyo. Looking forward to being back home tonight.

Catch you all later...
I've never stepped foot in Nagoya. Passed by there going to Osaka, kind of like Yokohama isn't it?

Nagoya is Japan's version of Detroit...and, imo, about equally much fun. In other words, none too interesting unless you are fascinated by automobile assembly lines. The best I can say for the place is that the have one of each year's three non-Tokyo basho's there...the one in July, not the ideal season for watching semi-naked fat guys engage in vigorous physical activity.

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I've been Nagoya twice, can't say anything too remarkable abou it. Just showed up for one day, looked around, ate some food and went back to Kyoto. I really enjoy Kyoto, that's one of my favorite spots to visit every so often.
I agree re Kyoto, very famous of course but still underrated as a travel destination imo...and it makes a great counter-point to Tokyo in some hard way which is hard to express clearly.

Happy Monday all!

It's already 12/6! Bonus will be here soon and we're launching year-end related work.

Had a great weekend, nice weather and good food = happy times.

Kind of a busy day today, will try and drop in again later.

<3 <3

EDIT: Oh yes, I <3 Kyoto btw!
Monday? wtf?

It's Thursday night now, behind the times again I see. :O

Been awhile, glad to see you all still kicking it around. Like some of you, my company has also been busting our walnuts. Plus, we are doing yet another re-org.

Wasted so much money on new business cards and other signage after the last two major re-orgs. We're putting ourselves out of business, haha.

Going to click around for few minutes then it's the Thursday night men's social at Hooters. Wooooooooooooo...
Morning People!

Everybody is getting sick around me! I am so afraid of getting sick this close to the Holidays. When I get sick, I stay sick for like two weeks! A few people at work are sick but they are still here! What the hell? Stay home!

I was out this weekend in Shinjuku, some girlfriends and I were having coffee at Starbucks @ the Southern Terrace and people were coughing and sneezing all over the place. Some weren't bothering to cover their mouths and nose!!!!!! This morning, I even made sure that I went to the front or rear of the train where there's lots of open space so I wasn't forced to be standing next to someone who had even an inkling of being sick.

Flu shot is worthless to me... I'm so fragile. >.<

Going to get some hot ramen for lunch. Cheers to you all! :) :)

Hiya Karen!

I'm one of those sick people! Got sick over the weekend and I'm just staying home until it clears. Nothing serious, just a typical energy draining cold.

Bored as hell though, nothing to do nor do I have energy to anything.

Looks like it's raining now too... Back to the bed then.

See ya!

I'm posting from the new Forumrunner thing! I think it's actually faster than Tapatalk.

I'm in Saitama this weekend and damn is it cold. I'm going to Uniqlo tomorrow to get some of those heat tech underwear pieces. Too cold to stand around on the train platform....

<3 :)
So, this is like a daily/monthly thread sort of thing? that's cool.

I don't get much free time to post during the day. I can watch the other kids play though.

btw, anything past Kyoto = Meager.
Happy pre-New Year!

I've just returned to Tokyo today, but turning around and heading to Kyoto for new year's activities with a girlfriend of mine. Her family lives in Kyoto and have invited me to spend the new year with them.

We're coming back Sunday evening, likely standing up all the way on the Shinkansen, haha.

@Dexter - Yes, this is a monthly BS thread for people who stop by here daily during the month.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Don't go too wild over the new year!!!!!

You guys (and girls) are like Ants! Where there's one, there's many.

Had a great Christmas here. New years is just going to be a big drinking-fest. A mutual friend has a decent sized place somewhere on the keikyu line. Going to drink, eat, be merry and crash there. Hoping to maybe to meet a chick for the new year.

Any girl-on-girl there Karen???

Don't even.

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