Deri-Madonna: Legit?

I am starting believe that site is a scam. Anyone had any success.
I did some background research on this site:

The site itself has been around since 2005. Registered in Osaka...

Searching through Japanese review sites, the service appears to be legitimate. No idea about non-Japanese users though.
OK, using google images:

First girl from the left is:
Yua Aida photo #225873 :: Rate this Pic :: Sexy Pics :: Wallpaper

First girl on the right is:
Shoko Hamada

Another one randomly selected is:
---?Delivery health ?Deli Madonna??--- ???????????????????---
is actually:
Atsuko Yamaguchi
Atsuko yamaguchi

Does that make sense?

Wow. Ok... so this one is clearly not legit. If they provide a girl at all, it's got to be a bait-n-switch routine.

Great work on finding those pictures and matching them up!