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emotion&jan jan review


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Oct 31, 2010
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hey guys i have been a member for this forum for about three or 4 years now and i have gained a good amount of useful info on p4p services in tokyo
after my first and second visits to tokyo i have tried asian mystique and manami
but the third time i was on a tight budget trip and i payed i visit for
1-jan jan:exited sugamo station 10 pm headed to the places which was very easy to find,middle aged japanese tout welcomed me with a nice and friendly dozo as i was headed straight to the shop went upstairs and the other guy told me 4000 i payed and got my change and showed me to my sofa the place was not so crowded i was the only one there along with a japanese who just finished,i was offered green tea then waited for 10 minutes or less and the girl approached me i was not optimistic about her,she was about 37 yrs tall and skinny didnt look japanese may be she was euro/japanese very small boobs like tennis balls didnt speak english at all,she did the usual procedures
she started with cuddling and neck and ear licking then deep kissing she really was very good at it the the b.j which was very professional touching and fingering was ok her pussy was lubed and warm 10 minutes and i just came
after dressing up again she tried to pull a conversation and my japanese is limited to very small and simple sentences i asked her if she was really japanese she said yes i am,anyway she didnt attract me and i told her i am leaving now so i left with thanking the guy inside and the tout outside
conclusion:staff are friendly and welcoming the b/j was very good but the girl was not so good looking
2-dio/emotion:i went there at 2 pm headed inside the guy welcomed me and told me by sign language 7000 yen two girls,he showed me to my sofa i was not given green tea or even water a guy front of me was having service and the girl looked pretty hot and had some nice boobs and was cute so i was hoping that some one cute will service me at last,waited for 5 minutes and the girl came much younger than the girl at jan jan maybe she was 28 or something looked ok she took off her robe she had medium sized boobs was slim and i could feel her ribcage when i was touching her she started with kissing which was very limited then she started to blow me with a medium techinque her pussy was well trimmed and lubed and wonderful i cam after 7 minutes or smth,she spoke little english asked me where i came from and that kind of conversation she left me and told me the other girl was coming
other girl came she was younger but not so good looking almost had flat boobs and a hairy pussy but had an awesome technique in her b/j and used her tongue quite well one of the best b/j i have ever had but the girl was not so good looking and i couldnt even feel she had any boobs although her nipples were very hard,anyway she couldnt speak any words of english and she was not so good looking so i left
a notable thing that i saw that the hot girls who served the japanese customers wore red robes and the two girls who served me wore pink robes
i huge turn on was the action behind me and the hot sexy feet from the hot lady from the sofa infront of me
conclusion:medium looking girls and a good b/j

in the end if you are low in budget go to a pink salon girls are not so good looking but a good b/j
if you have some cash to spare just call AM and have some good fucking and GFE