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Eri of AM: Review


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Jun 30, 2011
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I met Eri of Asian Mystique recently and had a pretty good time. She is new on the site and to the business, but may develop into a fine addition if she sticks around.

Eri arrived on time. Her English is excellent, near fluent, but with an unusual accent leading me to think that maybe she is Chinese. If Japanese, she is certainly atypical in attitude, personality, and outlook.

As advertised, she has a round face with large, expressive eyes and a full, sensuous mouth. Quite beautiful, actually.

Once at the hotel, we showered. No shower action, but she is still learning and I wasn't really interested in shower play this time.

She told me she used to be quite fat but had recently lost a lot of weight. She has a pretty decent physique now. A little plump around the stomach, but with quite slender legs and a fine bottom. The highlights are her full and natural breasts, tipped with sensitive pink nipples. Her skin is unblemished, with no tattoos or piercings, smooth and luxurious. She is partly shaved below, with hair only framing her pussy lips which are large and receptive to DATY.

Once the action started she moaned and groaned away happily throughout. We began with DFK which, with full soft lips and a long tongue, she certainly enjoys and is good at. Sucking on her soft round breasts, I soon had her squirming on the bed for DATY. I spent a good 20 minutes below, enjoying her responsiveness, then directed her to my own needs.

Her BBBJ technique is pretty good, mixing soft touches with encouraged harder rubbing. I finished CIM, which she took happily. She didn't swallow but spat it out in the sink, as is par for the course.

We chatted a while. She is near fluent and very intelligent. She told me she has a degree in political science and is thinking about starting a career at some point. She lived in India for a while too. Advertised as 24, she struck me as being a little older in her knowledge and attitude, though physically and facially she could easily pass for 24.

We screwed long and slow MS. She tossed her head around wildly on the pillow below me. It felt a little scripted, but her hips and thighs gripping me and the muscular contractions of her energetic vagina soon had me over the top.

All in all then, I'd give Eri a solid 7/10.

The positives: Her face, which is quite beautiful, her mouth and DFK, her BBBJ and CIM, her fine breasts, and her intelligent conversation.

The negatives: She could lose the stomach and fully shave for easier and more enjoyable DATY.

I may repeat.

Happy punting!
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Great! i will try when I return in August.