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Discussion in 'Escort Service Reviews' started by toby, Mar 19, 2014.

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    Hi everybody,
    I just got some fantastic time with Erika from Hipness.
    I didn't have so much free time, so I took the 40 min session. I will definitely get 80 min next time.
    Location: I got a LH from Uguisudani. The LH was basic, but clean, no problem.
    Language specifics. I made the booking in bad Japanese. I had the choice between waiting for Erika or get one brazilian escort. after reading reviews here, I thought it would be worth trying Erika.
    Physical description, she is smoking hot, definitely better than the pics. Trimmed pussy, nice firm boobs (not to big, but big fat boobs is not my thing), silky soft skin, etc...
    Details: Not going to write a book, not my thing. Just to say she is really fun, and although my Japanese is really basic level, I really enjoyed the small talk. IMO, this is important for enjoying sex. And I did enjoy it... a lot!!
    Definitely recommend it. In total cost me a bit more than 10000 yen, which is incredibly cheap considering I had really great time. Will definitely repeat in the future, probably with Erika again.
    Ranking: physical 8/10, attitude 10/10, technical 8/10.

    On the sad news, I just found out that Ichigo Pink Salon from Otsuka closed down. The replacement has a big sign saying no foreigners allowed. The only other PS in Otsuka which allow foreigner is Pretty Girl. I would not call it foreigner friendly as it charges 5000 yen instead of 3000. Plus last time I went there, I was talked like a dog, so did not feel like paying this amount. In the end of the day, I am too tired to be considered as a shit because of my ethnie, so I am going to avoid Otsuka PS for a while.
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    Thanks for the post. Erika's popular for a reason. :)

    Feel free to post the Ichigo bit in Q&A, or I can split it off into a second thread.
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    Random thread bump here. I notice Erika is back on the Hipness roster.
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    Could anybody translate the japanese text under the pictures of the girls in the little pink/red/blue/green/.... boxes. Unfortunately, those are images and cannot be translated using google translate.

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    If you use an android device Google translate will actually allow you to take pictures and do optical recognition and translation.
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