Escort Girls and The IMF Summit


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Nov 6, 2010
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I'm just wondering if those escort girls in Tokyo are getting windfalls during this IMF Summit.

Some girls are difficult to book or their providers are very slow in response. I know those folks are mainly oji-san but they are coming from the 1%.

Let's the girls enjoy their windfalls for awhile! Once it's over, I hope they are coming back to us again, the 99% :)
LMAO. Maybe that is why Asian Mystique hasn't returned any of my emails! They are too busy catering to the 1%.
We get messages all the time about asking 'us' as in TAG to arrange contact with an escort, but that's not our job. On average, we get 3 to 5 requests per day that are sent through the contact form. On occasion, those messages have requested strict anonymity and wanted a 3rd party to make the arrangements. So, I guess there's a market for a 'escort middleman' if anyone is so inclined, lol.