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    Service and/or Provider's Name:

    Date of Encounter:
    August 1, 2016

    Contact Method:
    Walk in

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    50 minutes/8,000

    In Call

    Language Notes:
    All English

    Details of the Encounter:

    FYI, I am dark skinned and don't speak a word of Japanese.

    This is my first post. I was in Okinawa and decided to visit a massage parlor. Found fingers ( and decided to give it a try. Website has clear directions. Entered and met by a BIG gal, not cute. But I am why not. I pay and in we go. She asks me to undress while she goes out of the room. The room is small but clean, nice massage table to lay on. She comes back in wearing a bikini and tells me to lay down. She speaks English well, but forgot to get her name. As stated before...she is a big gal, and the bikini doesn't help her looks...except the boobs which are very large. I decide to focus my attention there to make this enjoyable.

    Starts with table shower/bath and gets me nice and clean. Lots of small talk and teasing down below. After 20 minutes she starts stroking and while it feels good I am still too focused on 1. She isn't hot and 2. I want to see that rack. I know these seem contradictory, but that is where my mind was. She can tell I am not totally into it.

    I had complimented her early on her bust and now I mention again that I like her bikini and how big her boobs are. She seems happy with the compliment so I ask if I can touch. She says 4,000 I counter with 1,000 and she says ok, but only above the waist.

    She sexily removes her top, giving me a nice show and seems pretty proud of herself. She guides my hands to her boob and lets me start grabbing making nice little moans. Her nipples are very hard and breasts are firm. She continues stroking and a few minutes later rubs her boobs all over my junk and tells me in English "finish here". Now I am a happy man and proceed to pop all over her chest. She doesn't wipe away right away, instead turns so I can she her and massage everything onto her chest further with a sultry look. We wash up and I am out the door.

    If you don't like big gals I don't think this is the place for you. But if you are a boob lover and want to pop on a nice rack, seems like an ok option.

    Now some questions:
    1. I will be in Tokyo in 10 days for a few nights. I am looking for a good topless massage place. BJ is not important, but topless, good looking provider is. Prefer in call. I have searched through the forum but cant find a good match. Need to be foreigner friendly. Anonymity is very important.
    2. If I do out call to a high end hotel or a business hotel, do I need to leave the room to meet them at the front desk or will they just come on up? Again, anonymity is important so any advice on protecting myself would be greatly appreciated.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, May Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
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    Welcome to the board and thanks for the Okinawa review.

    The massage places I knew about in Tokyo that meet your specs have closed, but, hopefully someone more current can help.
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    High end hotels generally aren't a problem. Basically the rule of thumb is that if the front desk doesn't immediately face the elevators or the elevators don't require your room key, you're fine. You can always just arrange to meet her in the lobby too. Business hotels are often a different story. If you call the org and ask, they'll very likely know quite well which hotels are "girl friendly" or not.
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    Belated thanks for your review. I just saw it earlier today while researching places on Okinawa.

    Although I haven't tried Fingers Relaxation Massage Salon, the place still appears to be in business. So, I figured it was OK to bump this thread.

    About three years ago, before joining TAG, I had a somewhat similar experience at another MP called Oil Angels.
    Unfortunately, my therapist that day didn't look anything like the two ladies pictured on their website(n) Instead, I got a heavy gal, but she did have big boobs for a Japanese woman:cool:

    The other strange thing is that, as far as I recall, despite the name Oil Angels, I got a soapy massage rather than oily one. Go figure. At least the end was happy.

    Both Fingers and Oil Angels are clearly targeting gaijin. I find it amusing that the websites for both MPs are written entirely in English.
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