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First Time At Darling Harbor, April 2014


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Apr 7, 2014
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Date/Time: April 2014, about 8 am
Provider: Darling Harbor. I'm opting not to name the girl specifically since I don't know if it will get her or me into trouble at some point. She's one of their regulars.
Contact Info:
Type/Location: Soapland
Language Specifics: I'm fluent in Japanese so I didn't speak any English. But by all accounts it's an English-friendly shop as you're going to get.
Session Length/Fee: 80 minutes, something like 26,000-28,000 yen. I forgot how much exactly. Sorry. :(
Physical Description: Probably in her early 30s. Quite busty for a Japanese woman. (she told me her real cup size was F) She has a little extra body fat but still maintains a nice figure. Soft skin and breasts and a little thick.

This was my first time in a soapland, or doing any P4P. This is going to be a huge wall of text but I hope it's helpful to someone else the way other reviews were helpful to me.

She led me up to the room by the hand and introduced herself in English, but I told her I could speak Japanese and from that point on we only spoke Japanese. She was smiling and kind and complimentary, so whatever lingering nervousness I had faded pretty quickly. When we got in the room she sat me on the bed, undressed me, neatly folded my clothes, then put a towel over my lap and started rubbing my dick a little. She started taking her clothes off then sat down at my side with her back at my shoulder. She still had her bra on but she let me start feeling her boobs from behind. After a little of that she asked me to take the bra off, but just like the cliche goes it took me a minute to figure out the clasp. She stood up and cupped her boobs in her hands in that "oh I don't really want to show them to you, but okay..." way but that felt a little unnecessary. Why else do you think I'm here? Her boobs were quite nice. A little saggy, as could be expected from a girl in her early 30s, but a nice solid handful and very soft. She let me suck her nipples and motorboated me.

She beckoned me over to the shower seat and started washing me all over. I should've had some vague idea based on the shape of the seat, but I was totally surprised when her hands went down past my balls and around my asshole. I was probably squirming a little but she was like "yeah, yeah, power through it, champ" and kept going. I'm not sure how far she stuck her finger up there but after the initial shock it felt pretty good.

After she washed me down good she told me to get in the tub. First she got in with her back to me and let me caress her boobs more. She moaned a little but I don't think I was doing anything to her that was really getting her off. Then she turned around and started kissing me. She frenched a little bit but not very deep or anything. Then she put my hips up on her lap and started blowing me. To be 100% honest I wasn't quite horny enough to get a lot out of it. She even did paizuri too, which was nice, but I wasn't in any danger of popping. I can't remember if she put the condom on at this point or slightly afterwards.

She was eager to show me the mat, so she jumped out of the bath and oiled it up. She had me lay on it face down and started going to town. Rubbing and kissing/slurping all over, then pulling my legs up and sucking on my toes. I didn't expect it but it was actually pretty rejuvenating. Then she asked me to raise my butt up and she started playing with my asshole. I had no idea that was on the menu, so I was kind of like "holy fuck! are you actually doing that?" She even ate it out, which blew my mind. I think she enjoyed how much it was getting to me.

After 10-15 minutes of that she spun me over and put my dick in her. Truth be told, between the condom I had on and how lubed up it was, I didn't feel it a whole lot. It was also hard to get a good position since the mat was so slimy. We switched to her on bottom, and again it was hard to get any leverage since I couldn't keep a steady position on the slippery mat. I did finish off after a bit of that but it wasn't a very intense orgasm. I wish I'd had more time to savor it, especially since her boobs looked great when she was on her back, but it felt like she wanted me to get that part over with sooner rather than later.

My memory from this point is a bit hazy but she showered me off again and put me back in the tub. She had me gargle with something in a paper cup. Once that was done she told me she'd massage me on the bed. She gave a really satisfying back massage. Both at this point and previously on the mat I asked if I could finger her pussy, which she let me do briefly but I could tell she was reluctant about it. "I'd rather it was your dick in there," is what she told me. It's too bad because it really felt nice in there with my fingers, but I couldn't savor it very much with the lubed-up condom on.

She hugged me as I left and sent me off with a nice goodbye. I should mention that the whole time I was talking to her constantly about a lot of topics, and she was really pleasant. She has a blog on the site and was thrilled that I'd looked at it before I came. As weird as it sounds, the whole experience didn't end up being about sexual release so much as just having fun with a girl who I could be completely uninhibited with. She opened up quite a bit about her personal life, but who knows what was true and what wasn't. I would've enjoyed her company if she were just some girl I was hanging out with, but of course that's all just part of her job.

Oh yeah, and one last thing. Both she and the shuttle guy who drove me to the subway station told me that sometimes on Saturday or Sunday morning, they'll get some salaryman clients who've just finished a night out drinking and then book one of the girls when the shop opens at sunrise. But as soon as they get in the room they'll lay down on the bed and fall asleep. Hell of an expensive nap, I'd say!


All in all, my Darling Harbor experience was rejuvinating and enjoyable. I wish I was hornier that day so I could pop another time or two. I didn't keep track of time but if we did it for a full 80 minutes then it flew by. I wouldn't recommend going any shorter than that.
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I haven't done a soapland (first and last) since 1982 when they were still TORUKO (Japanese for 'Turkey' as in 'Turkish Bath' - finally changed when Turkey complained enough). Thanks, KeithOP, this is encouraging me to have a try.

Is this generally the service you get (general question to those who use DH regularly)?

I bet there is a stampede to get those businessmen!
I haven't tried delihel or anything else yet, but I really like the hygiene/rejuvenation aspect of bathing and massaging and everything. She told me that she'd worked at Darling Harbor for a few years and another soapland in her hometown before that, so she's probably more well-practiced than your average girl at the shop, but I don't have anyone to compare her to yet. I wish I had known about soaplands earlier. I can think of quite a few times in the last few years where they would've done me a world of good. C'est la vie.

One aspect of my personality is that I occasionally find new things and latch onto them with an intense interest for a few months. So right now I'm fascinated by soaplands. I was talking the guy's ear off on the ride to the station. I asked him if the 2020 Olympics were putting them under more scrutiny and he said that Yoshiwara is too far away from where they're holding the Olympics so they haven't noticed much of a change. He said that they get customers from college age all the way up to guys in their 80s and 90s. Men want what men want, he told me. Apparently the length of time that girls work there varies by quite a lot - sometimes they just want to make some quick money to buy something, and sometimes it's a long-term gig.

I wish I could just hang out behind the scenes for a day or two to see how the whole operation works. Maybe I could see if Vice would commission me to write an article or something. ;)