For Whatever It Is Worth ....

Mr Knowitall

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Jul 16, 2011
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I'm a long time lurker, but I have enjoyed the charms of some of the delights that AM has to offer.

I wonder sometimes about some of the reviews / comments regarding the AM girls.

I find the girls totally delightful.

btw I can't bring myself to make an appointment with a girl from 'Nasty Dolls'.

AM is intentionally a GFE, with all that means.

The girls can't read you mind, so there is no point in expecting them to lead .... if you expect them to reproduce what the last guy thought was 'sexy' you might just get your just desserts! *shudder* .. btw you DEFINITELY do NOT want to follow me (for example) .... unless you are VERY secure.

There was a lovely line in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts reminds Richard Gere that he has ALREADY scored .. he doesn't have to try any harder. It is very good advice.

I have had great experiences with a number of AM girls.

I find that making some general enquiries with AM first for the type of girl that I want solves 99% of any potential problem.

There is no need to be being bashful with the AM operators, they have heard EVERYTHING before.

Bush / No Bush, CIM / no CIM are simple to resolve. Do not risk being disappointed ....

There is no reason to be disappointed if you make your preferences known ahead of time.

We are all different, we have different like and hangups.

I have to say I love AM girls, I haven't had a bad experience (yet).
AM has been a standard for foreigners in Tokyo, that is very true. I've had good experiences with the other major players and a few independents.

It's just a matter of doing your homework and making an educated choice. There are a few at AM I wouldn't see again (past and present) because of their attitude or presentation. Same goes for ND, CB as well... it's hit and miss.

A buddy of mine had a miserable experience with some chick from CL. That's expected.. lol.