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Aug 23, 2009
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Greetings to all and welcome to the Tokyo Adult Guide!​

As Operations Manager here at TAG, it is my responsibility to set the day-to-day guidelines that govern our little spot on the gigantic Internet. The goal here is to provide a uniform set of guidelines that apply to everyone and assure that these guidelines are enforced as written. Notice we say "Guidelines" opposed to rules, there is a good reason for this. We appreciate that the Internet is very dynamic entity and we all realize that guidelines sometimes function better in such a dynamic environment. That said, there are a number of rules that are truly rules that cannot be broken. We ask that you respect these guidelines and rules to maintain a happy coexistence with other members.

This post is going to be an on-going, rapidly changing article that deals with how we do things here. We're going to include some basic forum guidelines in addition to our own lingo glossary. We understand that not everyone is well versed in the today's ever changing world of Internet lingo. We hope that this guide assists you in enjoying your frequent visits to the Tokyo Adult Guide.

Section I - Forum Guidelines & Etiquette

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Section II - Glossary

NSFW - Not Safe for work: Usually a term assigned to a thread where material either in context or visually could be risky if view at a place of business. Generally, it is not recommended that you visit a thread with this label at your place of work. The Tokyo Adult Guide is NOT responsible for links you visit while a place of business.

Section III - Notes That Don't Fit Section I or II

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Section IV - The Unbreakable Rules

1. No Threats - Do not threaten any member with physically or psychological attacks.

2. No Exploitation of Minors - This is an adult forum and we only permit adult topics dealing with persons greater than 18 years of age. (This varies from country to country, but the general guideline is nothing under 18 years of age may be discussed.) This applies to pictures, stories (fact or fiction) and any other combination of media & text where a minor would be involved. If any such information is posted here, it will be retained as evidence and the proper local authorities will be notified.

3. Copyrighted Works - We do not permit the sharing of copyrighted material. Images found on the web in a publicly available domain MAY be posted here, images/video/text from a private location may not be posted. (Unless you are the copyright holder.)

4. Scams - Get rich quick schemes, Nigerian 419 scams and the like are not permitted here. Users posting such scams will be banned permanently.

5. Personal Information - Please do not share personal information in a public forum area. If you wish to share information via the Private Messaging system or other means, that's purely your choice and the Tokyo Adult Guide cannot be held responsible for any information that you choose to share. Assume no connection is safe when sending personal information over the internet!

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