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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Campus night

    Date of Encounter:
    June 27

    Contact Method:
    Walk in

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    6000 for 40mins

    Oppai pub

    Language Notes:
    My broken Japanese

    Details of the Encounter:
    After reading all the reviews on ikebukuro ( well most of them) I decided to check this place out. This would be my first visit to an Oppai Pub and i was nervous that my japanese (or lack of japanese) wasnt enough to get me through this.

    I headed there around 10 pm and the standard price was 10000 yen. I told tencho that i saw the ad from nightsnet so i got in for 6000. Tencho was this old dude that smiles alot and was super polite. U pay upfront before he lets u set foot into the premise. He gives u mouth wash to use and off i go.

    I was given this tiny cubical which fits 2 people.
    Long story short, i was given 4 girls randomly and the times i get to spend with each varies too.

    First girl:
    Hinano is the first girl. Shes 18 (according to her) and she was the prettiest one out of all 4. She had small b tits but was a blast to kiss. Small beautiful nipples too.

    Second girl:
    Riko ( im not sure) is my second girl and she was the least pretty out of the bunch with amazingly crooked teeth. She she kisses you, u can feel her crooked teeth and it was quite interesting to be honest. She loved chatting about food. Asking if i had this sushi place in labi ikebukuro 7th floor. Quite a funny one. Tits were similar sized as hinano. She unbuttoned her top completely but time was up quickly.

    Third girl:
    Yuka is my third girl and she had huge tits( relative to the other girls) she said they were D cup and they were the softest thing ive ever held in my hands. She was an awkward person and didnt talk much or had any topics. The good thing is, whenever there was silence she would kiss me and put my hands on her tits. I had the shortwst time with her for some reason. It lasted like 3 mins and she said ahe had to go.

    4th girl:
    Kurumi is my final and favorite girl. According to the site, shes one of the more popular girls there. She looks like her pic on the site but with long hair. She warms up quickly and made my trip here worth it. She sat on top of me while carefully positioning her private parts directly above mine. She was the only girl that got me hard and u know she was proud of it. she let me play with her ass and pussy while she reaches for the D. Shes a beast compared to the other girls. For some reason i had over 15 mins with her. Im glad i only had 3 mins with the last one haha. By the end, my pants were wet from the both of us.

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    Kurumi kurumi kurumi kurumi thats all i have on my mind right now.
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    Cleaned up.
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