Getting Girls Into the New Sanno Hotel


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Nov 6, 2012
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Going to be staying at this military R&R hotel in Minato.

Does anyone have any light to shed on how hard or easy it is to get escort girls into the New Sanno Hotel? Any particular tactics/techniques?

Any recommendations on good quality/no "issues" places that accept gaijins in or near Minato?

I'm not familiar with military hotels- I would assume that you can get in some pretty deep shit for bringing an escort into one, though.

After looking up where that hotel is -- Minato is a really big ward...based on the name of the hotel I would have guessed Aoyama district within Minato, but it's actually near Hiroo Station -- you are fairly close to the action. Every major train station has love hotels nearby, and the really big stations usually have their own love hotel district. You could pretty easily walk (take a cab, etc) to Roppongi or Shibuya and go to the love hotel area there. By train, Roppongi is Metro Hibiya line (grey circle) east one stop, and Shibuya is the Hibiya line west to Ebisu station, and then the JR Yamanote line north one stop.
First all guest must be signed in. So you would need to have your guest provided identifaction as to who they are with a drivers license or passport. Most people probally will not want to give up that information. if they agree to it, the issue of bringing a guest doesn't matter.
I'll reconfirm what has been said above:

Getting girls into New Sanno is no issue, but they must have a photo ID to show in order to get in. I've heard that some escorts are ok with it, but the majority are not.

We suggest using a love hotel in Shinjuku or Shibuya as an alternative if you cannot get someone to visit your room. Yes, it's an additional expense on your part, but you will be staying in a hotel with some limitations that other hotels don't have.
All great information, and all appreciated -- precisely why I joined the community!

Many thanks -
Hey Trekker - Speaking from personal experience, tread lightly on the whole "Bringing the ho's into the Sanno deal." The guards there are homies and know what's going on - don't assume they're dumb-asses. They may let you slide once, but sooner or later you're going to get nailed and get barred from the Sanno, a military recreational facility, not a whorehouse. Just saying ...
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Hey Trek - Rotsa' Ruck, and remember the ole saying, "The pig gets killed, but the hog gets slaughtered."
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