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Good Sunday Brunch Places In Tokyo

Serenity Now

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Sep 15, 2012
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Does anyone have any good suggestions for western style Sunday brunch in Tokyo? Maybe a hidden gem if such a thing exists.

I have been to Ivy Place in Daikanyama which is good. Reservations are highly recommended for Ivy Place, it is very popular.

And I also know about Bills in Harajuku and Eggs & Things in Omotesando but the wait times can be crazy long. And while they have other locations I would guess they are just as busy.


Las Chicas in Omotesando is pretty good...or was the last time I was there.

Beacon in Shibuya is fantastic (eggs florentine!) - I just went there this weekend.
Thanks for the recommendations.

Have had dinner at Beacon and was not disappointed so I expect their brunch would be good too. Glad to hear it is.

Ended up going to Bubby's at Ark Hills in Akasaka based on another recommendation. It was good. Tried the Eggs Benedict and was not disappointed.

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I frequent the Bubby's at Yaesu underground shopping mall next to Tokyo station.

Mainly, I go for the pie.

Yes. The pie.

(the other food is good too...)