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Aug 24, 2013
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Hey, obviously I'm brand new I'm Paul I'm from Liverpool England and I'm 25. Last year I made my first trip to Thailand I stayed in Pattaya for 11 days and loved every second of it! The country, the people, the sights and obviously the girls. Last week I returned from a 3 week trip to Thailand where I split my time between Phuket (which is beautiful even in rainy season) and Pattaya which I cant get away from.

As soon as we got back we started planning out next trip and it looks like we're going to hit Japan for a few days before returning to Thailand at Christmas. Tokyo has always fascinated me no one really knows what to expect from the place apart from ultra modern city etc and I'm very excited to see it though I know NOTHING.

I like to experience the girls of different countries and hopefully I can be steered in what to do and not do while I'm over there, as well as things to do and places to see. I hear roppongi is good as well as kabukicho in Shinjuku though I hear its difficult as a gaijin to gain access?
if you want to compare Japan with Thailand, you are off on a totally wrong track. Forget it. Japan does not have the endless supply of empoverished country side girls willing to serve Falang that Thailand has.
If you must make the comparison, then imagine yourself trying to pick up Thai women from wealthy, middle class, educated families. That is your starting point.
There is NO entertainment business in Japan focussed on falangs in Japan. If you come here with a Thai mindset, you are up to the mother of all disappointments.
Since you are young, you might get lucky and find a Japanese girlfriend, but that is another story. But better forget all about Pattaya and Pukhet before coming here. This is an entirely different ballgame.