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Discussion in 'Questions, Answers & Warnings' started by IamTheD, Nov 30, 2013.

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    I'll be heading back to wonderful Japan in April and have a few Hinomaru-specific questions:

    1. Has anyone tried this girl: http://www.hp-hinomaru.com/castprof.html?id=30 Google Translate is telling me her name is "roller" which cannot possibly be right, Lola, Laura perhaps?

    2. Any recommendations for other girls there aside from Hana and Jun? Any to specifically avoid? If it helps you to answer the question, I had Hana no problems with Hana last time.

    3. Is there any way to get the corner areas? I'm not too concerned if I can't, or if it's a regulars/VIP only thing, I'm just curious.

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    1. You'll see it translated as Lola or Rola. Japanese doesn't really differentiate between Ls and Rs.

    There's a TV star named Rola (or Lola, if you prefer) that's half JP half Brazilian, so I think they are trying to play on her fame with the reddish-orange hair.


    2. I don't have any recommendations. The one time I was there I saw Moe, who was slim but that was the only thing she had going for her.

    3. I think it's generally first come, first served. The girl will lead you to your assigned couch.
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    Sorry to butt in but Rola is my favourite model, and she's a quarter Japanese, a quarter Russian (mother is half J, half Russian) and half Bengali (father full Bengali). Living proof that mixing up the gene pool leads to more attractive human beings all round!
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    Rora looks cute, but her squeeky voice and "kawaii" poses give me a toothache. To her credit, Kitty does not copy those...

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