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    I asked for a girl on Sunday morning and they sent me Honey. Her profile matches description. She is new to the job. She has a cute, round and small face. I finished on her face a 3weeks stored load, she said that was a lot.

    From 1 to 10... I think her performance was around 6.5... needs to learn how to BBJ without me having to explain her. Maybe with time, she gets better and a brief running/gym per day will suit her better for the job.

    The hotel I used was Saint Moritsu, very close to the trainrails what makes it very noisy inside. I recommend you guys to pick one that is far away.
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    did " you park your car in the garage from the rear" as they suggest?
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    I very recently had a session with Honey. I don’t live in Tokyo so whenever I am in town I try to take full of advantage of it. Here’s my observations:

    The positive: She’ll take a shower with you.
    The negative: Don’t expect any shower play. She’ll wash your schlong for you but that’s about it.

    The positive: She gives BBBJ.
    The negative: She’ll have a hand cloth next to her and will, about every 5 seconds, wipe off any pre-cum with the hand cloth and then get back to it. Her skills are lacking. She only goes half-way down the shaft. Plus, her hair got in the way a lot.

    The positive: She speaks conversational English.
    The negative: She shares too much information on her personal life that kills the mood.

    The positive: She has big tits.
    The negative: They are very saggy and her stomach is just about as big as her tits.

    The positive: Didn’t let me DATY which, funny enough, saved me from puking (see why in the negative below).
    The negative: When I took her doggy style I could smell a stench coming from between her legs.

    For the money I spent I could have gone to Hinomaru and got sucked off 3 times. I’ll give Hipness another try when I am in Tokyo, but not with her. My advice: Pick someone else other than her.
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