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Hipness Hipness: Lisa and Bia


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Sep 3, 2011
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What a clusterfuck of a weekend... Hipness doesn't schedule their girls more than a couple days ahead so I can't plan anything (I do not live in Japan), Manami MK was on her period, and none of the girls I wanted at AM were available.

Eventually broke down and went with Lisa (who everyone seems to recommend) and took a shot in the dark with Bia (the only other option was Miki, and not really a serious option after the last review of her)

They were a little late but not so long that it was an inconvenience. Wasn't awestruck with first impressions. Didn't really notice Bia at all, paying most of my attention to Lisa, trying to figure out why she's high on everyone's list. Walking down a Thai street, I probably would not have given her a second glance. Not really my type.

Walked to a LH about 100m from Uguisadani station, and that was a mistake to let them choose it... got soaked for an additional Y3500 because there were three people... total damage was Y8500. My actual hotel cost half that.

Got in the room, squared up accounts and signed my waiver thingy, and Lisa's clothes were off in 10 seconds flat. Course, I didn't really notice her as I was paying more attention to Bia, trying to get my gear off. Really noticing her for the first time, she's got cheek bone freckles like Lucy Liu, but way cuter, especially when she smiles. A little thicker around the middle than Lisa, but Bia is bigger in the chest. And where Lisa's nipples are long, thin and don't seem to stiffen up, Bia's nipples react to touch quite nicely, stiffening quickly to a thumb brushing against them.

The three of us jump in the shower, soap up, Bia in front, Lisa behind. Bia's doing a great job soaping up my cock, and Lisa cleaning my crack. Once we were rinsed off, Lisa sat on the edge of the tub and starting a nice long BBBJ while I was DFK with Bia as my hands roamed all over those tits of hers. Before Lisa got too into it, I had them switch just so I sampled both their talents before we left the bathroom.

Toweled off and jumped on the bed. Lisa diving for my cock and Bia coming for more DFK. Couple minutes of that before they switch places, except Bia going for my balls instead of my rod. Goddamn, but she knew to tongue the balls. Then got Lisa to gobble my shaft while Bia worked the balls.

Wasn't long before I wanted to DATY and Bia jumped up and sat on my face while Lisa resumed the blowjob. Nice noises coming from Bia getting me to the point I was going to blow so I had her switch places with Lisa to give me a quick breather. Bia went back to the balls (further calming me down) and Lisa sat on my face. Very vocal for DATY.

I called for a condom and they played rock-paper-scissors to see who got to ride me first. Lisa won so she climbed on CG and started grinding me, and then quickly changed to squatting over my cock and bouncing away. Rolled her back into mish and got Bia to suck Lisa's tits while I pounded away. First pop wasn't far behind.

Christ on a crutch, my thigh muscles were spent from the enormous orgasm, I could barely stand they were quivering so much. Trying to walk into the bathroom to wash up was a source of loud laughter for the girls. Bia came in with me, sat me down on the edge of the tub, washed me up, and massaged my thighs a bit before sucking me again. Lisa washed up solo after we were done.

Laying down on the bed again, Bia resumed her thigh massage and Lisa massaged my arms. Heaven. Didn't take long for my soldier to salute again, and Bia took over immediately, riding me CG for what seems to be forever. Awesome. Poor girl was tuckered out and kept telling me Come on! Come on! and me replying Come on not yet! Come on not yet!

I was still a ways away from popping again so they switched again, this time Lisa riding me RCG while I DFKed with Bia... holy shit Bia was sweating her ass off, sweat coming off her back and forehead in rivers... didn't realize I made the girl work so hard, but the sweat is a huge turn on (reminds me a lot of Manami when she gets going too; lots of back sweat). holding her to me with one arm, my arm is SOAKED.

I get up, take Lisa DS and piledrive her for ages as Bia crawls underneath and sucks on Lisa's tits again. Watching that finally puts me over the edge and I pop a second time, but I don't stop and continue the DS for a bit more. Finally, I'm all gassed out.

Bia wants me to fuck her so she takes off the condom and starts blowing me to get me hard enough for another condom. We give it a college try, but it just wasn't happening so quickly.

My thighs are a quivering mess by now, completely spent and I can barely walk over to the bathroom, but we're off to the shower again with Bia (Lisa again solo after we finished) then chat for a few minutes before getting our stuff back on.

Lisa: looks 6/10, body 8/10, service 7/10
Bia: looks 8/10, body 9/10, service 9/10
As 3P: they get along well with each other, and complement each others styles, and aren't afraid of a little girl play. A good combo.

Would definitely go back to Hipness on my next trip through Japan in a couple months, and definitely would do the 3P again. Probably go with Bia again, but Lisa (overall) isn't my type and would probably choose another girl next time, possibly Rei if she ever decides to work, or Rose.
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thanks for the great review, chewbacca. so what was the total damage (including the LH)?
I booked for two hours, so:

19K for Lisa
19K for Bia
8500 for LH