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AM Hiromi of AM: Review


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Jun 30, 2011
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I finally tried Hiromi of AM. According to the management, she's recently changed her policy and started taking love hotel bookings.

She arrived on time. Great looking girl, built for sex. But unfortunately she does not have the attitude to match. Very sullen, mechanical girl going through the motions.

Shower play was non-existent. She has a great body. Small tits, rubbery nipples, Brazilian, muscular legs and tight ass. But then she flopped onto the bed and spent the rest of our time together resembling an incredibly sexy sack of potatoes!

She had to be cajoled into doing anything. No kissing throughout, and, though I tried to eat her out, she kept her legs shut. BJ was covered so no point even asking for CIM. But I'd paid, so I wanted my 3 pops. No problem, considering how gorgeous she is. First was across her thighs. Then I got her to roll over and did her DS, before finally pounding her MS. Nothing special in the humping department.

Lousy, really. No atmosphere at all, down to her terrible attitude to the work. IMHO, a decent looking girl with personality is way better than a sex goddess with bad attitude. They enjoy it more, so you enjoy it more.

Body 10. Attitude 0. Won't repeat. Stay away if I were you.

Happy punting!
I saw her on a swing through not long ago. Not much kissing or BJ action but overall performance was pretty hot. She is a bit lazy though. Minimum booking is 2 hours but couldn't get her to do much after 1 hour. She is hot but there are other options.
Unfortunately i have to agree with the posters here, while Hiromi is certainly very good looking and has a smoking hot body her attitude is not very good, she is quite lazy and like the second poster said, after the first pop things go quite downhill, not service orientated, too money orientated( we all know that this job gets done for money, but for heavens sake there are several ways to show it) I had other opportunities to be with her, but i do not book her anymore, i just do not click with her. I have my favorite at AM ( but sorry i keep it for me).
that's too bad, she probably got a "big head". I was looking forward to booking her in the spring.
Wow! I met her when she first started and she was wild and more aggressive. We meet twice and she Swallowed both times with a smile. Even barebacked me for a few moments. Wow how money changes people.