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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    hisyo -ayumi

    Date of Encounter:
    end may 2018

    Contact Method:
    walk in, http://www.hisyo.co.jp/pc/profile.php?id=ayumi

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    120min 75k


    Language Notes:
    simple english

    Details of the Encounter:
    how i come to know her?

    i remember the first soap visit was in hisyo, the bald uncle recommeded her,said she JAV, but i not really convinced, so i wanted kana(she was in my top list, actually second, yuki natsume was my number 1).

    this May i was looking for a girl that can match my drive, so i got 2 girls in mind, her and one @ emblem- both was recommended by the tout saying good service.
    i interpret good service mean good sex, very power.
    Actually previously another young chap in hisyo also recommed her , so i went for her.

    She look much mature, 32.
    After washed, i went into the tube, she put a wet towel over my head, and she washed herself.
    later she join me in the tub, and start to use the towel to clean me, really feel being served.
    She later come out of the tub, facing the mat, so i know what she want , i told her no mat play.
    i remember not all girls in hisyo does mat play.
    So this come to my mind, good service?
    Well, some guys like Japanese may actually like to be served, like feeling respect, they not be good in sex, or wanted power sex.

    So come to the bed.
    she got very nice tits, but cougar 桜木ゆう dansaku is much better, round and firm, and small waist 55 which make her breast more prominent.
    I went first time, about 30 minutes, then i stop for a drink, i wanted to give her a warming up session first, to get the feel.
    then we go for another 20 minute.
    I feel very tight, she said she was ok(no pain).
    i think the condom was too small and tight.
    she called for a bigger condom, black (big boy).
    I still feel bit friction, though i put lotion to my dick before putting on the condom.
    she asked was i feeling strained, then i remember i just have a session with kurara jyoutei before coming here, though i never have my sex satisfy with her with still more energy reserve.
    She gave me a blow job, and we went for the third time.
    this time i gave her another 30min hard bang, till she lay flat on the bed, shaking her head.
    i asked her she ok or not, she said she need a few minutes laying on the bed.
    i not feeling tired but decide to give her a break.
    She said never had such a long sex before, well make me think that some younger Japanese girls are open to sex nowadays that can have better sex than courger or veteran.
    Basically she need to be younger to have more energy, and need to be stronger in her below.(that can counter attack by squashing my dick at the same time).
    yuuko ailedore really know and use her inner muscles to sqeeze me tight.

    Final Thoughts:
    Not Recommended.

    Closing Comments:
    i wrote in this forum before actually tried her that the touts actually recommended her, one actually tried her but feel disappointed, my apology.
    i think he may feel the girl was actually elder, and not so attractive.
    for me , 75k i can go for JAV i know of, i will not go for her again is not of her sex appeal, not she basically 'surrender ' so i want to go for someone better in sex power.
    hisyo got a few JAV, but stilll few of the few don't take foreigner like nao and mirei.
    some other girls also don't take foreigners like rin, suzuka.
    yunna is a maybe, depend on the person you asked, once i asked he say ok(only asking for next time), the other i asked he said no.
    what is the point of foreign friendly, when most of the girls i want they said no.
    so it still got limited choices even though i like to go there.
    but still better than LS,Satin where is 77k, and don't have the girls i like(i feel overrated).
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    I met her once.
    Not beautiful(my view, not my type),not have a good voice, not young.
    But mat play is very good, service and attitude is also good.
    Just my opinion.

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