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I want to find a long term SB


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Aug 30, 2016
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Is Sugar Daddy the best site to find a long term SB now? I am open to a Japanese or foreign SB. (formerly does not work nearly as well as it once did, but with a bit of patience and luck, it is still quite worthwhile imo. I don't have enough experience with Sugar Daddy to make a comparison.

I used Seeking about 5-6 years ago, without much success. That said, I had one amazing date with a Japanese blonde, and it was some of the best sex I have ever had. Sadly it was a one off. And as that was the only highlight, I did not renew with Seeking. I tried Ashley Madison. No success at all. Then news broke of
it mostly being male members. With Seeking I was learning how to do it as well, so that may have contributed to my lack of success. Thinking of Sugar Daddy this time. Thanks for your reply.
I've had great success with for both short term and long term arrangements. It's talked about quite often on this board and you can read many experiences if you search for it. I personally haven't used the other sites.