In Shinjuku area now....


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Feb 28, 2011
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Dear List,

I am in Tokyo now for a few days, actually staying in Shinjuku area. Its my first time ever in Japan. I am from Los Angeles and I speak no japanese.

I have spent the last 4+ hours reading different websites (thanks for all the info!!). I got taken for a ride last night and I figured I needed to do some planning:confused:. I was tired and I spent 10,000Y to meet some girls from one of the touts. He was asian, not black, I am not an idiot but I thought I would have a better time. She was pretty but really rushed. She wanted 30,000Y for sex plus the hotel... I talked her down to 10,000 plus 3,000 for a small hotel. I passed. Anyway I learned my lesson. I hope to try to make it to soapland area tomorrow. I don't have a lot of cash to spend and it seems like a once in a life time opportunity.

If anyone wants to meet up I would like it. I will also take some suggestions. I have been using google translate and getting lost.

Wwander's and other's recent posts alone about soaplands have a wealth of information. Plus everything else posted. But sometimes you can only learn by making mistakes.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, WW has a ton of info and I have found a ton of info here on this site. One can only learn from doing for sure.