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    Date/Time: Aug 14, midday
    Provider: Anna Summer
    Contact Info:
    Type/Location: Independent; Asia P-Door in Usuigadani Y4800 for several hours
    Language Specifics: English.
    Session Length/Fee: 3hr/Y45,000

    Set this up from a long way back with Anna. Turn around for contact did take a couple of days (but be patient everyone – once you get the first email and you know the date/time, put that in the Subject for subsequent emails). Over a couple of emails I told her my preferences.

    Read over the two previous reports for detail her physical description.

    Anna happened to look so much like my first GF as a teenager (we had a laugh at that – doesn’t help you guys so much….). And her short hair doesn’t get in the way of any delicious views, either. Don’t you just hate blowjobs under a hair wall?

    Anna and I talked about a lot of things over 3 hours: Japan experiences, shaving the ‘bits’, sex, books on sex, philosophies on P4P sex, possible interesting additions to her ‘menu’, interesting local tourist destinations, TAG reports, writing TAG reports (Hi, Anna!) - basically that reports written when we know the provider probably doesn’t/can’t read them are extremely graphic. Do we step lightly with those who can and DO read them? I guess as TAG members, Anna and Kitty have right of reply, no? That would be interesting!

    So here is what I will say about Anna, based on my experience and own aging abilities:

    1. Anna gives very very nice head and HJ.
    Anna is very into oral and we hit it off on that. A very light, smooth touch with her cute little tongue and she has a way of looking up at you to see how you are enjoying it (or that you are not in pain… in joke, there). She can’t go so deep or too low. She loves DATY!! Loves.

    2. Anna is not so into her breasts even though you might be.

    3. Anna prefers on top position and what a lovely sight, both CWB and RCWB.

    4. Anna is smart and fun to talk to and I’d say no subject is taboo. (See above)

    5. Anna has other talents that I probably don’t know about – she does like sex.

    The rest or other things you will have to find out since experiences/preferences always vary.

    Recommendation: I will not repeat with Anna because I just don’t repeat. But, yes, I recommend, but take a number and sit down, lads. Anna is popular. Happy bonking!

    We shared an umbrella – hers – to the station and then the Yamanote to Shinjuku. And another experience in life.
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