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Jan 10, 2011
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Hello TAG users.
I am new to this forum, but have read a bit about the different agencies in Tokyo, especially because CL was changed... To make the history short, my first time in Tokyo spring 2010 I met this girl I found on CL, and she survived my email cleaning in case I would return to Tokyo, hence I met her again the first weekend of 2011 for my second Tokyo visit. I considered ND, AM and others mentioned here, but I went for the familiar choich which I knew would be to my satisfaction.
We talked about CL, and she have in practically no more inquiries, as she will not put out her contact info on net. I mentioned this forum, and she accepted that I wrote about her and PM email address to those interested, if any.
The girl named Salina is 28 ( I guessed 26), about 160 cm and 45 kg (I would have guessed some less) , born chinese. Very flat stomach (you can se a small contour of six-pack), firm large breast (enlarged). Even though she is slim, she has a nice curvy ass. She can do proper massage also, and speak english very well (and much...).

thanks for opening this thread. I would like to send you a PM regarding the girls email address but this service isnt available for your account yet :-(. So can you try to send me a PM please? If this wont work as well we have to figure out another way.

Both of you have PM access now. I've approved Tbay's account for PM access before the 5 post requirement.
TBay... I have sent you a PM. Please contact me, as my only free day are Tuesdays. I would like to try to meet your "friend".
Tbay has contacted me. As I guessed from his description of the girl... I have met her in the past, from CL. She used to post many ads with different descriptions. I'll reserve my comments.
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I got a PM from Tbay regarding the girl as well and Im in the same situation as JapanFrog. Ive met that girl already last October and looking back it was a complete waste of money.

Before my last Japan trip I was looking for a nice and not too expensive girl at CS erotic service section. The girl mentioned here was great looking on the provided pic she sent me with extraordinary beautiful boobs. Her fee of 25.000 yen for an hour combined with her looking was a good enough reason to stop looking further and giving a try on it.

I called her on my first day in Japan and set an appointment in my hotel room.
When she was knocking on the door I opened it full of anticipation until I saw her face. The little horny guy in my head was screaming "NOOO WAYYYY" however I tried to carry on it as well as possible :cool:

There was no much talk and my offer to take a shower together was declined immediately while she was undressing herself.

Being naked and unwashed on my bed she was telling me to start with the "play". Her bj was good enough though not as good as from other (free) J-Girls I got in the past. When I started to lick her the taste was simply disgusting so after a sec I stopped. (this taste should keep in my mouth for the entire evening)

During the "main course" there wasnt much initiative coming from her instead she kept talking like a waterfall to me :confused:. I had three sessions in one hour with her (a miracle from my point of view how I could manage so many times ^^;).

At the end she went into the bathroom to clean herself down there not accepting my offer to use the shower but she did it in front of the sink. So the result was the entire bathroom was blotted with her juice water mix :-/.

I didnt want to be rude so I stayed calm but this was the icing on the cake.

Never ever this girl again, not even for free.
Thanks for the update on this particular girl.

Sorry that it brought back some unpleasant memories.
Since someone else posted their unpleasant experiance with her... I'll do the same. Yes... she totally lies in her e-mails about her nationality (she is not Japanese... maybe from Taiwan. I don't really care where she is from... I just don't like the bait and switch), appearance, service, etc. Her face... 6 at best. Her body is okay. Firm opai... maybe implants. She does have a hard stomach. Talks too much for the business at hand.

She quoted me 20,000 yen per hour for full-service. Once in the room... she asked for more. I said, "Forget it... we can leave now." She changed her tune... and, had my tool in her mouth before I could even take off my pants. So, oh... maybe an improvement. For me, her oral was quite good. She was sucking long and hard. It didn't take me long to blow. Oh, oh... she asks for her money, because we're done. I said, "I don't think so... we've only been here 10 minutes." She didn't want to continue. I said, "Fine... let's go. Thanks for the free blow." Again... she changed her mind.

I asked her to take a shower with me. She told me to go alone, then she would wash. I told her together (I didn't want to leave her alone with my pants). Finally, she agrees to take a shower with me. But, I'm using the shower... she's in the tub. No soapy play-time. She's washing in the tub, and much to my surprise... the water coming off of her is turning brown! This girl was dirty... like she hadn't washed in a week of working at a construction site. Okay... now she is clean. I try to wash her money-maker... nope... don't touch that! Dry off separately.

Back to the bed. She's yanking my crank... wanting me to hurry up and pup-tent. I tell her I want to lick her so I can get ready again. Start playing with her momo... no sooner than I touch her with my tongue and she starts with the fake moans. After a few minutes... she's screaming, but not even wet. Forget this. I let her take it in the mouth again until I'm ready to cover it. Stick it in... more fake moaning and screaming. I manage to keep it up and unload after a prolonged and boring work out.

After I'm done and cleaned up (she doesn't shower)... she asks if I want a massage. Sure... okay... Her massage was good and hard... makes me wonder if she's doing the same professionally. Then, she starts talking about how she wants to hurt me. WTF?! I politely remind her of the time and that we should be going. She asks if I want another round... no charge! I say, "Thanks, but I really need to be going."

Wow... I wrote a lot more than I planned. Anyway... I've never called her again. She's a bit wackey. YMMV. For 20,000... if you can get her to perform for a hour... it's okay. But, you just don't know how she will be when she shows up. Forget any GFE. I never got my mouth or tongue anywhere near her face... not interested after what I saw in the shower.

Oh... as far as the originator of this thread. For all we know... it could be her.
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Thanks for sharing, it sounds horrible... glad I could be forewarned.
Thanks to TAG,we can know the exp.and try not to fall on it.

Thanks for your exp,and wish next be much better than this one.
This is called TOFTT (Taking One For The Team), and such misfortune befalls pretty nearly every active monger sooner or later (though rather less frequently in Japan than a lot of other cases). But, of course, it does "The Team" no good at all unless you tell us!

@ Japanfrog: Funny to read you would give the same mark for her face as I would :D

Whats not so funny is the part in the shower when you mentioned the water color turned into brown. Now I know why the taste down there was even worse than a bucket full of rotten fish :(

Oh an thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us / the community ;-) !!
... Now I know why the taste down there was even worse than a bucket full of rotten fish :( ...

Even with some of the finest Japanese girls... I always insist on a shower first. I've had a few beauties that have no clue about keeping their clam from smelling like one. A lot of the younger girls, college-types, early 20's, seem to not know about washing their muffs. I've been shocked to pull off panties and find a jungle... and, smells like one, too! I tell the girls I'll be happy to teach her how to take of her coin-slot. First is a trip to the shower... second is a serious trimming. If the girl balks... I tell her to walk.
lol... indeed. I wish all women would know that a guy is 200% more likely to go down there if it's well groomed. I keep myself neat down there so I expect the same.
That email was certainly familiar. Seen it before and in other forums that chic is infamous for all kinds of things. Yeah, the old Craiglist girl. The rumor was that she was Taiwanese or something and ugly as seen in the face, but from the neck down she had a body like a supermodel. Maybe that is true, I do not know. Just a rumor.
Paper Bag + Doggy style = go!

There has got to be more than one decent lady from Craigslist. Where are all these people hiding now?
Boa or Reka is in Okinawa most likely. She was hot. Who knows where the other ones are, probably out on the streets, deported, or retired.
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