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Interesting Visit To Ichigo

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Jun 29, 2013
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I love pink salons. Love them. But for a variety of reasons, I can't really go all that often or regularly. I usually have to go on a sort-of catch-as-catch-can basis.

I grabbed an opportunity earlier this week, when I dashed up to JanJan during my lunch hour. I got an excellent BBBJ from a lovely young woman - the only problem, if you can call it that, was that she was having her period - she took off her panties, I felt the string. We still managed to have a lovely time.

So today I decided to go to the only gaijin-friendly pink salon I haven't been to yet: Ichigo, the Strawberry Club, in Otsuka. I know about the problems from last summer, and their website says foreigners who can speak Japanese are OK - and I can speak a little bit, anyway. I just have been really curious, and so I decided to go for it today. I noticed from their website that it opens very early, so I left for work a little early to give myself a chance to have a good morning start to the day.

The club is small, and the benches are short, like they are at Hinomaru, maybe even shorter than that. It is a wide-open room. There is really not much in the way of privacy. But I went early, as I said, so I was the only person in the place anyhow. Young tencho, we had a brief chat, at that time of the morning they only had one girl, and I said that was fine. She was busy when I walked in, so I waited, trying not to stare too much. I had a premium view of her body, which was beautiful, in that Asian way - small breasts, though she had a really awesome ass, I thought. Wow.

So she finishes, the other gent leaves, I wait a little more, the girl comes to my booth ...

... and it is the same girl who gave me such excellent service at JanJan earlier this week.


I wonder if she's just busy, or if they're owned by the same people, or what. Just ... interesting.

I'll go again, I think. Maybe try the rotation, go up at lunchtime, or some other convenient time. If it's the same women as at JanJan .... hm. recognized her...but she didn't recognize you? Or you just didn't ask? I would have. Otsuka and Sugamo are next to each other, very convenient for a service lady. I wish I had two Pink Salons whichever side I would be going around :)
Actually - she I think she *did* recognize me. We didn't really discuss it, but - yes, I think so. She remembered a couple of things I had said.

Yes, it's totally convenient for her. I just was sort-of surprised, and as I said, now I wonder if JanJan and Ichigo are run by the same people, or if she just works wherever or whenever she wants, or something. I've had her more than once at JanJan.

Neither location is close for me, but that's one reason I go up there. :)
I actually went back up to Ichigo over the weekend to try the rotation. It was late afternoon when I went up there. Much more crowded, but they were having the special. I did not have to wait, though there was someone waiting as I was leaving.

Both women were older. If you're looking for young and hot, this may not be your number one option. But not being a spring chicken myself, I was fine with it. My first "petal" was very skinny, refused to allow me to touch or fondle her, and did really not do a great job in the BJ department- to be honest, it was so un-hot that it was tough to keep aroused.

My second "petal", however, was awesome. We shared a joke or two, she immediately put me at ease, and her technique was stellar. When she laid down, she spread her legs, and when I asked if it was OK, she opened them wider. She had me going and cumming in minutes. Just fantastic.

I had a great experience and would be willing to return.

They asked me at both visits, first thing, whether I could speak Japanese, so they may not accept you if you don't. Hell, they may not accept me if they ask me too many questions. :)
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