July 2010 Thread

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Sep 24, 2009
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July is here!

Time has been moving quickly, it seems just yesterday it was March!

We've got mandatory company training this week. It's mostly in Japanese, which gives me a headache by the end of the day. Today is Friday, which is a very good thing. ;)

Hope everyone has a good month!!! and a good upcoming weekend!

<3 All
You're obviously not working very hard today...

They are going to give you the post whore of the day award!
You're obviously not working very hard today...

They are going to give you the post whore of the day award!

Just one more hour of this waste-of-time Japanese training crap and I'm out of here for the weekend.

Yeah, I'm not doing much, just playing with myself, waiting to go home. :eek:
Mondays suck.

I'm still exhausted and want to go back to bed.

Hope you are fairing better than I.

2nd cup of coffee already and still no energy kick... it's going to be a long day.
Hrmm... pulled out of my slumber by a visitor message of all things!

What a day.... :(
Monday, Monday, Monday...ohhhhh how I hate thee.
Howdy! I see people are starting to come back to life here once again. I just came back to Tokyo from Nagasaki, literally about 1 hour ago. Don't have to go back to work until the morning, so I've got the night free. Hell yes!

Anything new going on? Don't think I missed much, but I did check in and took care of some PM's.

Rain has stopped; hope you all have a good end of the day.
Oh? You were out of town? I didn't know that, should have just sent you a text. I just thought you were busy these last few days. :p

My day isn't ending for awhile, got a lot to do still before I can get out of here.


With the exception of the rain from Sunday, most of my weekend was spent outside enjoying the weather and doing some people watching. Lately, work has been heavy with some projects rolling up this quarter and planning for Q4. I guess we're coming out of the financial mess since we have a larger budget for new projects this fall. That translates into me being exceedingly busy, a necessary curse to keep my bank accounts flush with cash. :)

For the rest of this month, I won't have much extra time to put into this site but that doesn't mean I'm not planning! I am getting some items lined up for our 1 year anniversary, kind of a re-launch, but not really. I've got a vacation planned in there somewhere too.

Don't work too hard everyone!

TAG Administrator said:
Don't work too hard everyone!


Nice to see you! Nice news post btw!

Where's my badge thingy?

so, so greedy karen-chan!


Happy Tuesday all. *YAWN* It was cool and cloudy when I left home this morning, felt like turning around and going back to bed. Monday is a holiday, so at least I get to sleep in on a Monday. :)

Let's see how much work I can get done today without over doing it. (and still leave on-time!)

Morning Karen. :) To address your earlier post, I'll be letting you guys know in advance what the actual plan will be for the 'Founders Club'. I'm not even sure if I'll keep that name, it was just one of the first names that popped up when the plans were being put together.

Hope your day goes well and to everyone else stopping by!

Tuesday is fantastic. it's a day closer to friday, dontcha know?!
Tuesday is fantastic. it's a day closer to friday, dontcha know?!

Absolutely! One more day closer to that glorious three-day weekend!

But damn, this day is moving slow for me - incredibly slow in fact. End already!
Typical woman........ :rolleyes:

Smartass! :p

Good Wednesday morning all!

Anyone get a little chilly last night??? I had to turn my aircon off last night, it was cool and very peaceful with the rain around 1am last night. :) It's getting hot again outside since the sun has made an appearance.

I've got two meetings today, where I have to listen to some department managers babble about performance benchmarks. Ugh. That's for another thread.
So, Karen - where are you?

You're the lunchtime posting queen! We need your support to hold our hands through the day!

It's almost August!!!!

You need me to hold your hand so you can make posts??? It's not like I have a real life and a job to maintain? I can just post here all the live long day????

Don't get your panties all twisted out of shape, I'm back! :) There's just been too much going on in the real world between personal stuff and work, I'll explain in another thread later.

On the positive note: Last night was great outside, nice and cool for a change. Today feels OK even if it is raining slightly.

More later, missed you guys.

Love you too Karen. :)

It's a kickass night outside tonight, I stayed out late after work just to enjoy the cool weather. Rain had quit by around 5:30pm, it was a good time for a long walk.

Looking forward to hearing about your updates, I'll go pop the popcorn!
Yes, it turned out to be a lovely evening. A few people from work and I stopped by the little pub just down from the office. I'm just getting home now and I'm just a wee bit on the tipsy side! It's not going to be a good idea for me to post much, I'm afraid of what I'll wake up to in the morning.

Updates, humm... that's going to take a while to write out. Ha! Your popcorn will be nice and cold before I get a chance to post it.

It's almost time to make the August thread! >.>
Hi Karen & Others, just getting home from a late evening out. Good to see you around Karen, I know you have been busy in the worst way.

The heat last week was a true killer, I had zero desire to leave my office once I got there. We can at least have more control over our AC on each floor... That 28 degrees crap went out the window full force two weeks ago.

Weekend is here. Enjoy folks!
Hell, it's August already?!

July was a busy month for everyone it seems like. Anybody venturing out to the Hanabi events that are coming up?

There's a big one tonight, which I'll catch on the TV instead of fighting the crowds. I think I'm going to the Tokyo Bay Hanabi later in August, with friends from work.

Beer, food, people, heat and portable toilets. Joy!
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