June 2011 Thread

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Sep 24, 2009
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Welcome back to all of you!

I'm so very happy to be back! I never realized how much I would miss this place if it were ever fully gone. We've skipped the April and May threads for obvious reasons, but here we are at June and it's time to get back to more normalcy.

All of the Japan-based TAG staff remained in Japan but I believe a number of us had some difficult issues to tackle at our real day-jobs. I've got a number of things to talk about, more posting to come this weekend! :p

Love you all!
Well, not much to say right now but glad to see things back in working order.

Things feel more like normal now, feels good.
One thing I learned during this ordeal since 3/11... cannot rely on other foreigners. I'm not speaking about in the first few weeks after the quake, but more like here and now.

Some guys want free vacation time anytime there 'appears to be a high risk for radiation' .... wtf?

Wonder what they think dictates a 'higher risk'?

I'm not going to get on my soapbox about this, I'm just venting. :p
Oh HEY HEY HEY!!!!!!!!

Welcome back all!

I was sort of in disbelief when my RSS feed page updated with this site. Don't have much time to post today, but really glad to have TAG back.

I'm really curious to the back-story as to why you guys suspended operations...
My gf would like to do see (and perhaps do) some amatuer stripping. does anyone know of such a place?
My gf would like to do see (and perhaps do) some amatuer stripping. does anyone know of such a place?

It does exist, or it did exist prior to the earthquake. There was a place in Roppongi that had 'amateur' night where a lady could try out her stuff on the stage.

There was even one club offering classes on stripping... It actually may have been the same place, can't remember off-hand.
To make a long story short...

1) Most all of us are Japan-based and moreover, in the Kanto/Tokyo region. Thus, we all had our priorities to take care of. There were so many rumors flying around about companies moving to Osaka and then the embassies going ape-shit (looking at you France) which just caused a lot of unnecessary problems. As a result of all of that, we just elected to close up shop for the time being.

2) Prior to the quake, we were in the process of moving TAG to a new server since the one we were using had some age on it. We ran into some problems moving things around, but just decided to shelve everything until everyone had time to bring things back.

In hindsight, we could have left things as they were but things would have been left unattended which could have lead to the increase of spam threads/posts/users.

I do promise you, we're back for good this time around.

Whew... :D

Just passing through, seems I was popular these last two days. :O

...off to sleep for now, I pray that my work hours slow down soon, going nuts here.

Hey all... glad to see you all back.

I'll be coming back to Japan, finally, in July. The company was still hesistant to send anyone into Japan after the earthquake and the on-going problems in Fukushima. Most of the immediate fear has faded and now were getting back to normal.

I'm off to Japan in July to see how our Japan operations will be affected by the power consumption changes will impact day-to-day operations. I've heard varying reports, so I am going to go see for myself... and hopefully have a little fun on the way.
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