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    After spending over a month in Japan, I've had my fun and have been meaning to get this review out.

    Date/Time: Late July 2014, ~5pm
    Provider: Kings Club
    Contact Info:
    Type/Location: Soapland
    Language Specifics: The staffs English is enough for them to communicate with you.
    Session Length/Fee: 100/35000 円
    Girl: Arisa
    Physical Description: She seems to be in her mid to late 30's. She looks younger in her picture, but you can tell she's an older woman in that too. Let's just say her body shows that she's an older woman. Her English isn't bad, definitely can converse with.
    I got to Kings Club on a Monday in the afternoon. Pretty busy, and the staff were able to communicate in English. The guy who works the afternoon-night shift is definitely more intimidating than the guy who works in the morning. So I choose Arisa, even though I went in knowing her yoshiwara age was 24. They had no more rooms available so they had to send me to another soapland, that I guess is owned by them, because after what seemed to be a total of 30/40 minutes of waiting and being transported, I finally meet Arisa.

    For a woman in her late 30's, she definitely showed her age more than other woman in that age range. We started off with some small talk, me telling her I'm from the US, and her telling me where she's from and how she's been to the US, she even showed me pictures of her trip. I undress and then she undresses, she gives me a shower and I hop into the bath. After she showers herself down, she hops into the bath for a quick bbbj, no pop. She then hops out and preps the nuru mat. Now, on my last trip to a soap, I didn't get to experience this, and it is an awesome experience. Even though that was my first nuru, I felt she did a pretty good job, and after my next experiences, I can now say that she did do a very good job. She did use her tongue on my back (which I thought was her chin at first), and that was just an amazing feeling (not all girls use their tongue during nuru). While she was performing nuru nuru, I was getting a hj and I popped. A little embarrassing, but in my defense, I hadn't jacked off or anything in over 3 days. She kept going with the nuru and about 10 minutes later she started to give me a bj while she stuck her pussy in my face. Being the guy that I am, I decided to eat her out a little. She was a little receptive to it, and she let me go down on her for a few minutes, but after that she changed positions and just gave me a bj. She then asked if I wanted to go in, so we went at it on the nuru mat, covered of course. Just your basic CG, and after a couple minutes I popped again. She cleaned me up after and then cleaned up while I was in the bath. We then went to the bed and she ordered drinks and we just talked for 15 minutes about different things. She asked me if I wanted to go again, and I was ready, so she started giving me a hj while she was performing some nipple licking. She then proceeded to give me a bj and then she mounted me. After some CG and MS, I popped and I was finished. I knew I had no more in me, but 5 minutes later, she asked if I wanted to go again, but I was finished. I just didn't have the "stamina" to pop a fourth time, if you catch my drift. She washed me off, we put on our clothes and she showed me down the stairs. A great experience overall.

    : I'm going to get this out of the way since I have 5 reviews from Kings Club coming. Yes, I do recommend Kings Club. They do try to get an extra 10000 円 if your a foreigner, so originally, they were quoting me 40000 円 for 100 minutes, but I just bargained with them and got it for 35000 円 since that is what I saw other foreigners pay for on this site. I would recommend Arisa if you don't mind being with an older woman, her nuru is pretty damn good, and her willingness to service you as many times as you can has to be a plus.

    The other four reviews will probably be coming out within the next week.
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    Thanks for the review. Good to know there's an English language soapland option out there for people.
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