Kitty, An Amazing Companion

Colonel Angus

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Aug 3, 2014
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This is my first experience, and first post.

Had to think of the appropriate pseudonym, and thought Christopher Walker's SNL character, which is appropriate for me in many ways. Some ways exaggerated, but mostly true and comedic, to my liking.

I read many reviews and decided to book an appointment with Kitty. It was an amazing experience.

For some reason I decide to book at the Alpha-in Hotel in Azabu Juban.

That turned out to be a great idea, although maybe not for everyone. It's a themed love hotel, and I was both scared and excited when I first entered the room. To say it has a theme, would be a disservice. It really has contraptions that are beyond description.

When Kitty arrived, we quickly adjusted to our surrounding, and were amazed by the potential. She is such a likable person, and we toured the room laughing at the possibilities.

The night was amazing. Kitty likes to be submissive, and that just made it exponentially better. Talking to her, making her more and more excited, just kept pushing the experience to another level. She is amazing in bed and kept me wanting for more, which she kept delivering. She is so passionate, and delicate, that I never wanted the experience to end. Her energy and her sexy desire, made the experience unbelievable.

Between orgasms, she is a smart and sophisticated conversationalist, and I enjoyed conversing with her on many topics. That made the next session, even more enjoyable, especially when she thrashed around, wanting more.

In the end, my brain was so foggy, that I found it difficult to speak. In fact, it still is.


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Jul 30, 2012
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Yeah, I got to arrange something on my next pay day or something if my schedule allows it. But that hotel is really pretty cool.
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