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    Title: New girl, not good at first impressions

    Provider: Koa at Happy Berry. Does not have a profile page yet

    Place: Happy Berry (lr-shinjuku.com); location and prices are on the website.

    The funny thing is they sent me to a hotel called Space and in the rooms, it said that foreigners were not allowed lol.

    Language: Well, I understand they take more foreign customers but Japanese always helps. i am assuming certain nationalities are banned since they asked where I was from.

    Price: 14,000 for 65 minutes (plantinum membership) ; 3,000 yen gold girl selection fee; 4,000 for swallowing; 1,500 for hotel

    Description: Very tall for a Japanese woman, long body and legs. pretty face and slim body. doesn't have tits but an ok ass and an average pussy.

    Details: I was just in the mood for Happy Berry and when I showed up, they told me they had a new girl and they showed me her pic. She looked very pretty and slim. I was in the mood for options and they told me everything was on the table but anal. So I figured what the hell.

    I show up at the hotel and she shows up a few minutes later. Her face was very pretty in person that I regret not picking a facial along with other reasons I will get into later. I also could't believe how tall she was. Probably 3cm taller than me but I have no issues with taller women. She was probably the 3rd or 4th girl I ever picked that was taller than me.

    Her touch and washing felt good. Then we got down to to business in bed. Knowing I wanted to be swallowed. We started with quick kissing and she nibbled me down until she got to my cock and her comes the bad part. I don't necessarily believe in bad technique. I say as long as I instruct my partner how I like it, then they can do it. I tell my partners to extend that courtesy to me. Her technique is slow an thinks that putting a cock in her mouth while not doing anything constitutes a quality blow job. I really tried to instruct her the way I like it as nice as I could without trying to come across as a jerk, but she didn't listen. At times, she angled my cock in a way that restricts blood flow as well. She is not someone who uses her tongue or saliva. maybe I am being to hard on her because it was her first day, I don't know. She was good at licking the rest of my body but my cock just didn't seem to feel it. Sadly, the timer went off before I could go and all it took me was a minute from my hand to her mouth. But hey, she swallowed it. her technique is also why I should have paid for a facial instead. Maybe I could have asked mid way to change since I paid the fee anyway. I don't know if there is a penalty for that.

    Recommendation: Like I said, it was her first day so maybe I am being hard (no pun intended) on her. If you want a girl who can follow directions, she is not the one. But I don't get the impression that she should be an amateur. But if you want a pretty face to blow your load on, I say so. I should have done that instead. I do believe in giving second chances when the timing is right. i say just for the sake of cumming on her face is good enough for me to repeat some time if she is still there.

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