Kyoko "independent" Anyone? Vipsupermodelescorts?


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Feb 2, 2014
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Hello all,

First post but I have been reading advice here for months! I am off to Tokyo in March and looking to have a few "dates." I found Kyoko online and saw a few people setup dates but never gave a full report via the forums. Has anyone seen her?

I have been emailing with her and she sound real - learning English. She admits working for an agency but wont say which one. Sounds like she is going independent on her own while working for an agency on the side.

Any feedback about her? Do you think I am setting myself up for disappointment?

Lastly any feedback on this agency: ? I am considering going with them instead (or in addition to)...

Thanks in advance my friends!

What price list is Kyoko offering.

If you use the agency you listed you can get maybe 3-4 girls separately.

Well good luck. If you get services from Kyoko please provide a reviews for us.
Hi All,

Kyoko is offering two hours for 50,000 yen - I consider that a pretty fair price for two hours. Thank you Mawjav for the link - I saw that earlier and that is what has me a little concerned. Someone who disappears may be too embarrassed to admit they were robbed (I certainly hope that is not the case, but you never know)...

PSD thanks a ton for those links! It looked to good to be true.. I am still naive enough to think that maybe an AV star is actually connected to them for that price. I have been with a AV star and had to drop that kind of cash for the introduction. I'm considering reaching out casually and seeing if they bring it up...

Thanks for looking out everyone!! Don't now how we would get by without forums like this. Now that I am totally depressed, anyone have any recommendations for top notch real talent?

As an update I compared the height/weight of the AV star with the one listed on their website... and it was off by about 5 inches. Needless to say it's most certainly fake photos and they don't have UTR AV stars... I am sure someone will gladly show up to take your 85,000 yen but I expect some honesty in my business arrangements :)

Still looking for any advice for stunners... no Japanese on my end and looking for a room outcall.
If you read the thread "Verified Tokyo Escort Agency List" there is the info you need. There are other options but require intermediate or above Japanese skills.
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