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    Service and/or Provider's Name:
    Asian Feeling

    Date of Encounter:

    Contact Method:

    Appointment Length & Costs:
    2 hour oil massage, 16k + 1k nomination

    Shop Location

    Language Notes:
    English at front desk, broken English and Japanese inside

    Details of the Encounter:
    Good day my dudes, finally made it to japan. Not new to the p4p scene, but relatively new to the Japan scene, especially Tokyos. Decided Asian Feeling would be a good introduction. Only here 6 months and on a budget, but hope to get in on the action and make some contributions to the site. Generally don't review someone that's already reviewed, unless I have a different experience, or I have more to add. While Lalah has been reviewed before, I believe I have more to add.

    Set up/Notes:
    2nd time going to Asian Feeling (Saw Emi previously, echoed previous reviews, nothing to add. Great time). No phone number = No reservation, so just walked in. Both times need to wait roughly an hour or two (since I nominated both times). Location for Asian Feeling has a slightly more discreet location for those bothered by being seen entering such establishments. Guy at the front desk is very helpful, speaks English (英語が話せますか really helpful). While in Lalahs description on the site says she can speak English, it really isn't what I'd consider conversational. I'd say roughly the equivalent of N4 (for JLPT, if it were for English). I passed N4, so it was broken English and Japanese back and forth. After the initial introduction in broken English and Japanese, conversation was pretty minimal, but not awkward. I was relaxed, and she seemed content enough to not feel the need to initiate conversation.

    I would say she looks closer to the video than the pictures they have on their site. Relatively short, petite body, dress sticks well to her thin frame accentuating the little curves she has. Cute overall, not stunning, but cute. While Asians age is always hard to measure, I'd say late 30s. Lalah comes off as cute and cheeky, with a cute giggle as well. Doesn't seem to hesitate to tease you and ya little guy.

    Will try to keep this short. Shower was more interesting than previous experiences, a little tease here and there was able to wake the little guy up, but nothing more than a little tease. Massage was pretty good. I've had a Thai massage twice before, one being way too hard, and the other good. Technique isn't quite as good as Emi's as others have stated before, but Lalah has a lighter touch, which I prefer. With the 2 hour option, a lot of time is taken to massage each and every body part.
    When the towel is removed from your front is where Lalah really shines in my opinion. Lalah really gives a great, for lack of a better term, girlfriend experience. Obviously not quite girlfriend, as there are rules (unfortunately), but Lalah lied down next to me, almost on my chest while giving the little guy a nice oily handjob. Mixing it up occasionally with the occasional lick of the nipple. She would also occasionally go in for what seemed like a kiss, but would go to the side and give a little peck or a close cheek to cheek hug all the while still going at it. The best part was while next to me or when she was close lying at my side, touching was allowed and heavily encouraged, especially when her dress finally came down to reveal her cute little breasts (would estimate b cup). The reveal, cuddling, touching and licking (all while never letting up on the handjob, only ever letting up for more oil) was amazing, but the cherry on top was when she sat up, pulled up her dress, revealing her black panties and started pleasuring herself (through her panties unfortunately). Super hot, but was hotter as she grinded herself on my leg. Absolutely amazing, didn't last long with the extra show.

    Despite the language barrier, felt like we really clicked. She expressed her regret that her English wasn't better, so she could talk to me properly, but I assured her I would be back when my Japanese is better. Which I definitely will.

    Only thing that might make he experience better is some sumata. Emi did an amazing behind the knee thing, but looking to experience the between the thighs one. She didn't understand when I asked and mistook me asking for FS (which she replied not allowed in this store)

    Will also try Asian Relax later, heard the rooms are better

    Final Thoughts:
    Recommended, Will Repeat.

    Closing Comments:
    Would not recommend 2 hour course for those with small bladders! Slightly ruins the massage and happy ending when there the niggling feeling of needing to piss

    Also more time doesn't always equal more pops. But perhaps with better rapport. Intend to find out

    Hopefully my writing gets better in the future, I haven't fully been able to enunciate my feeling about the experience, especially the 'gfe' I mentioned.
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    Thanks for the review of Asian Feeling! Glad you had a good time!
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