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List of AM girls who are trimmed


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Jan 8, 2013
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Reading through the previous posts, I recollect that Ai and Sora are cleanly shaved. Does anybody have a list showing who is, and who have neat strips etc? I'd like to avoid au-naturals if possible.
My own experiences below. Though girls may change their 'hairstyles', and this list only covers the current 'crop'!

Ai - Totally shaved
Aya - ?
Bruna - Brazilian
Erica - ?
Hiromi - Totally shaved
Lili - Landing strip
Mai - Totally shaved
Mako - Natural
Mari - ?
Nana - ?
Natsu - Totally shaved
Nao - Natural
Norika - ?
Rina - ?
Rio - ?
Risako - Landing strip
Sayuri - ?
Sora - Totally shaved
Tsukina - Natural
Yuna - ?
Miki - Landing strip

Maybe others can update/fill in the gaps.

Hope this gets the thread started anyway. I'd like more info on the subject myself as I too prefer a clean-shaven girl.
Just a check up Nao has new photos. Nice looking.

Just a couple of comments.

I do not know, did you have Nao personally or just admiring the pictures? I had Nao - would not recommend. My experience was not very good. Very passive, no initiative whatsoever, very mediocre hj, shower plainly terrible. She is also quite old, IMHO her pictures are great - real life experience is something different. Having said this, your experience and mileage may be different.

I would not say Yuna is all au naturel down there. Her front is not shaved, but either it's just sparsely populated or she did some plucking, because it's quite transparent so to speak. Down below it's all very clean and there is no hair. One turn off though she does not want you to finger her, and I mean no fingers in there period... tongue is ok though but that is for another evening/story.
Nana is shaved. Hopefully I'll let you know if Erika's hairstyle is down under ;)

According to an inquiry with AM I did a few months back, Erika is silky smooth down under and Rina is trimmed. So if find out otherwise Gaijin Neil let us know.