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Long Review: Dio/Emotion


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Oct 26, 2012
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This is really long, but I hope it helps.

Yamonate Line to Gotanda. Look for the Mos Burger from tracks for exit side. Uniqol outside correct exit. Heaps of Pink Salons in area. Security guys friendly.

- first time doing this as had 2 amazing multi-year relationships since arrival, the last ending recently.
- 3 HUGE fucking SCARY as sumo guys at door when arrived. Was WTF? And walked on, heart pumping.
- Eventually went back.
- Security speaks Elementary level English (TOIEC 200 under)

Me: Gaikokujin ii desu ka?
Him: ...
Me: (repeat)
Him: 2 girls 7000 yen.
Me: Eh? hitosu onegai.
Him: Dame 2 girls.
Me: Hai...
Him: (yelled that I was coming up to the guy upstairs)
Him: Young girls. Upstairs. Go.
Me: Thanks.

- Went up. Young guy (20s) took money. (No English)

- VERY DARK (I was blind).
- Middle seat (had to feel for it)
- Behind me was slurping. In front moaning.
- Sat there with loud techno playing next to me. (English house)
- Eyes adjusted. Could see guys getting worked by girls. Both cowboy (FS? Looked like regulars). Very into it.
- 15 minutes later. Girl comes.

- "Hi", (Japanese - yoroshiku type stuff then pants down please).
- Sat back down on towel (they don't change it between customers - yuk)
- No talk as I can't.
- Girl wipes dick with alcohol coated towel (shaft, inside tip, balls, around).
- New towel for hands.
- Give girl condom.

Blowjob #1:
- Best head ever of less than 50 experiences in life.
- Mouth incredibly soft. Perfect fit. Technique AMAZING - Swirling, hard sucking, licking and sucking. Seriously good. Slow start, hard finish.
- Touching ok. Found pussy lubed and hairy. Clit easy to find, but soft throughout.
- She was pretty much faking all the way through.
- Didn't climax as didn't feel like it. (Almost did about half way, but wanted the cock massage to continue, so didn't cum.)
- Finished. She apologized. Felt lame. Put towel over. Told her 'VERY GOOD'. She understood.
- 20 minutes wait.
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Cont... Long Review: Dio/Emotion

Blowjob 2:
- Decided to DEFINITELY cum this time.
- Girl came.
- Same procedure with wipe.
- Eager, so said "Dozo, dozo" while pointing to dick.
- She gave me a WTF look and went down.
- She tried for uncovered. I gave condom and said 'please, please'.
- She gave RRRrrr... look.
- Went for neck kiss (she watched me getting my first blow job), but I watched her spit out an Otaku's cum and not rinse, so we are even.
- Sucking started strong. Very happy.
- Didn't ask to touch. Just touched. Pussy was straight slit, less pussy lips. Never had that. Hard to figure out where clit is supposed to be, but eventually did. Pussy was shaven with 3 days of bristle. No lube.
- Gave her orgasm within 10 minutes - yeah me. Throughout she sucked VERY hardcore. Awesome hard blow job - almost violent blow job.
- 15 minutes in 5 minute call over microphone. 3 minutes left pulled out and jacked off. No climax - meh.
- She apologized with WTF face. I smiled and told her "Honto Okay" and did the bow and thanks thing. Face went to Okay Face. Safe.
- Wipe, etc. Pants up. Please wait.
- Another white guy takes the couch in front of me. Smile at him knowing that he's going to get that angry woman. Poor guy is going to get some HELL head because of me.
- Hand holding. Door. "Thanks, sugoii, sugoii!" to security combi. Left and free.
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- FELT INCREDIBLY RELAXED. 40 minutes of non-stop sucking is awesome. Nothing can beat that.

Girls bodies:
1st: Slim, 5 foot 6 feet, b-cup, average face, a little dumpy for me after coming off two very beautiful high end girls. I wouldn't have talked to her in the club. I also wouldn't have had sex with her. Hair felt like straw. Nipples were round buttons. Face was sort of not great. Voice was really high. Service style was really good though. She was a nice enough girl, but everything was fake about her. Mouth was wet and amazing.

2nd: Slim, but slim fat, 5 foot 8 feet, a-cup, no real tits going on, small nipples, shaven pussy with regrowth, straight pussy, hair was better, both had long breast length hair that was brown, pussy unlubed, but can get wet, clit functioned (hardened), ass was sort of ok, but seriously skinny-fat. Personality was more wild and she was being herself. If I spoke Japanese well I would have enjoyed talking to her I think.

Undone girl number 3: Slim, young, about 18, 5 foot 6 inches, probably b-cup, nice slim curvy look going on.

All three were between 18-25. The first girl may have been 28, but no older.

Stairs are tight. Waiting room up front with manga. Inside is very dark. 4 leather couches that reach about shoulder height when sitting. Crowd was mostly salary men and old guys. There was the one geek and the white guy at the end. Music was loud. Techno.
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Things I want to add:
- This was middle of the day, mid-week. Definitely before 4pm. I pointed to the rate - 2000 yen 1 girl 20 minutes on the board, but the front guy (like mini-yakuza) said the above. I got charged the Standard Double 30-30 rate for LATE EVENING. I got 20-20. If I had wanted to negotiate then it would have been ok I think, but I wanted to get this done, so I did it.
- The girls lie side on over the couch and across your knees. Their heads come front on towards you.
- Full touching is ok. I didn't enter with my finger, so I'm not sure on that.
- Make sure you wash your hands very carefully after touching the girls. STDs can be hand to mouth ok. There's a department store near the station and Mos Burger or you could use any of the shops.
- All blow jobs were performed with condoms.
- In the end I am glad that I took two girls. The price wasn't ok, but that's life. I felt VERY relaxed afterwards - like amazingly so. I will definitely be trying more things like this out.
- Girls are slack about touching balls and didn't get sucking on ear. They can suck cock, but don't expect any other skills than that.
- You are going to be disappointed if you see too many of the girls around Gotanda. There were AT LEAST 15 girls I would have approached on the way to Dio. The girls inside can't even come close to competing. (I actually felt very lame about that on after thought. The real women were much better in standards of looks.) It didn't help that I went through Meguro, Ebisu, Harujuku and Shibuya to get there though ;(.
- Girls start in robe and unrobe pre-cleaning.
- Advice: Speak very slowly, move very slowly, turn away and sort of cruise if guy offers silly price, kiss the girls (they want to) if you can stomach it (I didn't see any cleaning of the mouth going on), ask to touch, be aware that there are about 5 other places in the area that look pretty friendly.
Well, that's it. Not that long I guess after reading through it. Sorry about not spelling any of the Japanese names or words right. I'm lousy at that ;)

Anyone got any questions then let me know here! My new goal is to try some of the more unknown places. I like blow jobs and I have excess cash, so I figure it'll be a fun. My next target will probably be Sakura in Koenji - easy to find by the medium size pink sign that you can see from car 9 of the Chuo line - or Ageha in Koenji (which looks more girlfriendish, but says no foreigners on their System information).

A few others on the list are (Koenji) (Kichijoji)

Dio website is

Oh yeah, alcohol stuff inside condom gave me a little rash (lol, not an STD...) That second girl really wiped Moby down good. I could even feel it tingling on my cock flesh.
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Hey New Guy - appreciate the details. I've also been to Dio a couple of times and have had similar experiences as you. I'm also a BJ type, sometimes go to the Soaps when I have more disposable income. When I go to Dio I would prefer only one chick, not two, and haven't figured out if they would discount that.
I know how you feel, MR. If I get serious then I might try all the neighbouring places all on the same day. Just approach and see what the security says about it. Gotande is quite the sex area. I'm sure that other places might charge different rates and I don't mind paying 6000 if I'm getting 30 minutes in a better enviornment with a better looking woman and with the lights on and some privacy to really get into it.

As a lot of people have also said that there are cheaper places around I might make the trek to some of them and try them out. But I do think that the several places I saw near Dio would be the best place to start. The streets were fairly empty and it's a short interaction. I'll have to get motivated for some rejecting ;)
Hey New Guy - Roboto here. I was in Tokyo this weekend on a business trip and decided to check out Gotanda, or what I like to call "Blow-Tanda." LOL ...

Anyway, I went to one of the Dio/Emozione places and got a BJ from a Japanese chick in her mid 30's who spoke a little English. Her business card said the place was called "Emozione," but I thought I was in Dio. It's the same exact place you described (mini-yakuza at the door, go upstairs, 7K, two chicks, dark room, sofas, etc.). There was another place right next door, but I can't figure out what's going on in that place and why the taunts won't let you in that place. I even saw a couple of good looking chicks waiting to go in the other place. Would appreciate any help here guys.
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Sounds about right. I figure emotion or emozione is upstairs. As far as I know, no one goes downstairs. I think that might be Japanese only. I plan to go again this weekend, so I'll find out first hand and let you know. 7000 less yen to waste, lol.

I might try and fly a few of the other places first though. I sort only want to go to Dio to build up some confidence entering and mongering. Gotanda is not so convenient.
Hey New Guy, Roboto here. Appreciate you getting back to me on the Dio/Emozione deal. Let us know what you find out about the other places. I don't speak much Japanese and would prefer knowing in advance what to expect. I don't want one of those places where you're about to pop your load and the chick grabs your junk and says, "Pay now please," if you know what I'm talking about. That really sucks, but has happened to us all I imagine. Pay up front - know what you're getting into - that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
I went at emotion about 5x
the best bj i got there...was by Rami

i think she is not there anymore =/

ill give a try at dio this week... looks like they have some younger girls than emotion...
Planning on going for my first time ever. Ive never been to this type of place yet but do they provide condoms for cbj or you have to carry them?
Planning on going for my first time ever. Ive never been to this type of place yet but do they provide condoms for cbj or you have to carry them?

Every place I've ever been to provides the condoms. You don't have to take your own.
Thanks for filling out this topic a bit guys. I've been busy out and about scouting out new pink salons so haven't been around.

They will supply them, but it makes sense to bring your own. If you have limited Japanese, a little sign language will do the trick. I usually bring my own as I always go in covered.

Dio Vs. Elsewhere:
I'll be putting something up in a second, but I recommend Dio and Emotion for first timers and long timers. I've now been in three different clubs and rejected by nearly 50 (not kidding). Dio is by far the best and if you able to stretch out your wait time then it comes out as about 3500 yen a week. The lowest rate you'll get is 2000 yen. I'll explain in my little rant shortly.
i went to emotion tonight but there was only one girl working and she was busy.
so the tencho told me to go to DIO! because there were girls there.
wel it was my first visit at DIO and the LAST!
Got double course paid at emotion...
but i got 2 obasan at DIO

so guys if you like grandmother go ahead and try.
Finally went to try out Dio/emotion, got directed downstairs, paid my 7K then was told that I had to wait by sitting outside the store facing inwards in the little hallway on a fold-up stall before the curtain, Talk about feeling conspicuous. Anyway, gets in after a bout ten minutes. First chick (Mai) is fat, i mean faaat and not in a good way. She had a huge roll and her technique was poor too. There was no way I was popping over this. So, after she has been bobbing up and down for the full 20 minutes, I tell her not to worry, and pray that the next chick is more my type.

When she came (Karin), she was about mid to late thirties and I think the other chick had to her that I hadn't popped yet, as she told me to "gambatte kudasai ne". Well she was fitter, probably slightly older than most you guys here like, but more my type and great technique. She sucked hard and didn't stop until every last drop. Turned out to be worth the wait.
After my last visit to Dio/Emotion, I am wondering if I have contracted something (see previous post for descs).

So anyway, took a visit to the Health Clinic in Nishi-Shinjuku. Well worth a visit if you are worried about anything, quick, free and completely anonymous. Every thursday. Don't listen to anyone who says that you have to make an appointment, just turn up before 1:30 pm, take a red clip number if you don't want to speak Japanese. They give you a quick counsel, take a urine sample, take a blood sample, and you come back in a week to get your results by presenting them with the piece of paper they give you with your secret number on it. They only check for genital Chlamydia, HIV, and ghonorea (or is it syphilis?).

I'll let you know my results!
Last week, I entered Emotion. Found DIO's street sign first. The guy outside told me to go upstairs because downstairs was busy.

The front guy upstairs showed me the course menu and I wanted to try a 2 girls course, I asked if they would come together at once, but he replied by turns. He didn't show me any pictures...which is very negative in comparison with other I knew it was going to be random luck. I have good luck most of the times but still I prefer to know in advanced.

From a large Pink Salon experience, I can say that the place is a 5/10. It did look clean but I don't like when the sofas are placed in a way that every customer can see each other, in this case, whoever sits at the back out of 4 sofas, will be seeing everybody else who comes in, and whoever sits at the 1st seat will be "seen" serviced by whoever walks in to sit anywhere behind.
The sofas are also of low back, which means for a tall guy like me, my shoulders and of course head become un-covered and so for whoever sits in front of me.
This place was kinda funny, because I chose the X Triple course (for the first time in my life), and I could literally see the girls whooping from one seat to the next...which is kinda...un-professional for a Pink Salon.

(I dont understand why the thread is not in this section of the forum...anyways...) Looking at doesn't help to remember which girl I got first. She looked very tired like if slept less than 4 hours but her sucking was decent and I came.

The second one was Karin, and of course I will remember her because she was great. I thought I was empty after the first and that Karin would only go for any left over if there was any, but somehow she managed to make my balls produce more cum which was a fantastic experience.

Since the menu showed 20 minutes courses, I thought it would be lame, so I originally asked for 2 girls 30 minutes, but the tencho told me that's the same price for the Triple course... and I said...mmm... I never took two girls in two different less of all 3...

Since the second girl was Karin, she couldn't make me cum in her turn, so she had to talk to the tencho and came back, so instead of 3 girls, I got 2 and Karin twice, it was with this last time that she made me cum for the second time. From 1 to 10, I give her a 6.5.

But since I didn't feel comfortable with the layout of the sofas, I don't think I will be entering there again.
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Hi Guys,

Just an update. Got the all clear (mostly paranoia, imagination probably {and a little nerve damage}) . But I gotta say how awesome the Nishi-Shinjuku health clinic is. Completely confidential and no-nonsense. We should probably use a good resource like this to keep ourselves checked out, especially as it is completely free, and completely anonymous.



Try(a gai)jin
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I went at emotion about 5x
the best bj i got there...was by Rami

i think she is not there anymore =/

ill give a try at dio this week... looks like they have some younger girls than emotion...
I was there in March this year and Rami was my second girl. She was great and it was my first time blowing in a girl's mouth. (always had trouble doing so) I'm looking forward to going back for her again so I hope she's there.
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Hit Emotion on my way to a meeting yesterday in the early evening. I havent been going to pink salons recently as I seem to be enjoying healths, soaps, Happymail freelancers and esute more. It has been a few years since I was in Dio or Emotion. Anyway, when did they start with the covered routine? Was a bit surprised. Thankfully they had gaijin size on hand. Globalization hits Gotanda suck joints! They took 10k from me. I know the deal is supposed to be 7, but I guess I look like an easy mark. They were right. The last thing I want to do is argue with the slease bag chinpira wannabe over 3k while standing on the stinky narrow stairs of a suck joint. Girl 1 was actually OK. Young, cheery and pleasant. I imigine that you just have to force yourself to keep a smile on even when your situation is so hopeless. She also had excellent technique. In spite of the condom she managed to complete her mission relatively quickly. Girl #2 had some kind of exema or very dry skin that was extremely off-putting. I exited post haste mumbling vagaries about a meeting I was late for. All in all, now I know why I don't go to these low rent suck bars anymore: because they suck. On the other hand, what do you expect for 10k.
I know the deal is supposed to be 7, but I guess I look like an easy mark.

Japanese pay just four thousand at daytime for the double course. That's actually a good indication of their quality.
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It is a good indication of the quality. Interestingly the first girl was quite good. She alone was would have been worth 10 to me if I didnt have to deal with the depressing sleaziness of the place and that scumbag chinpira. I think those rock bottom places get a flow through of all kinds of girls in tough situations. So you get some good ones sometimes. But I dont think they last long. They probably move on to better deals with deli or higher grade pink salons as soon as they can. I will probably go again in another three years. I eat at McDonalds once every three years or so also. Just to confirm that it still sucks. Who's got the good lead on a massage place with FS with a decent looking lady in the Ueno Akiba Kanda area? Thats what I really need.....